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Image Embedded urine particles appear to be spores

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fungihomeworld Views: 5,508
Published: 8 years ago

urine particles appear to be spores least they act like spores..
they like to sprout filaments/fibers
wherever they go.


^^ blue tint is false color caused by mixing
light sources to accentuate detail. The 'real'
color when top lit with white LED illuminator
is translucent. [As always.]

..the particles are apparently..everywhere in
the body...tiny translucent particles..sprouting...
like mushroom spores.
....not that ALL fungi have spores..
some are content to endlessly bud cells or hyphae and build mycelium mansions.
*glares at C.albicans pic* many fungi CAN throw off spores.

...but which one? with over a half million species..
this could take a while to sort out...

OTOH..maybe it's just a specimen of "someones" lab
curiosity that they turned loose. Might know for
sure in..50 years or so. is annoying that I find so many "particles that sprout" in the body
with little evidence that the immune system is taking
any notice of them...they are obviously "not self" yet
they seem to be ignored; they are free to do what they do..
which mostly seems to be..sprout things.

...??If the attackers are indeed fungus
perhaps their gliotoxins have muted the immune response?

blood glucose levels are are blood
diet related "chemotaxis jamming" going on there. Blood cell differential counts are normal;
no obvious signs of infection [e.g. high white cell count]
"intense rashes"..that sort of thing.

Yet the body is overrun with..particles..that..sprout. The bizarre fibers of all sorts continue to erupt everywhere.

...and the two cats are exhibiting the same symptoms.
Lesions...fibers in skin..fibers in stool and urine.

..whatever it is very thorough..and is not
"engineered to only attack human physiology"; it seems
that "it" likes cat biology too.

What I am experiencing is coming from the tap water.
All of the odd "things" I find in/on skin and samples are
found in the tap water.
...which makes sense in a "closed loop" water system.
Whatever ends up in a toilet..will return in ones drinking
cup one day. The sewage treatments system is not designed
to remove micron sized things...and the purification systems are focused on bacteria and virus killing..
fungi are far harder targets to destroy.
*was looking at a lethality table for the use of UV light
to kill pathogens.
Relative to fungi, most bacteria have
a glass jaw. Staph. aurius deactivated at under 7,000 microwatt/seconds dose of UV-c.
..the fungi? a few exampes:
Aspergillus niger?..requires 330,000 mW/seconds to deactivate. Most of the bacteria are broken by doses under 30,000 mW/sec.
....A.niger..330,000 ;
rhizopus nigricans [cheese mold] 220,000.

...about a 100 times more UV radiation required for the fungi..
ok..I am impressed. Having a nucleus and chitin/ cellulose
"armor" makes for a much harder target.

..the fibers so far seem nearly indestructible..
[urine fibers..fibers from scalp..or skin]
24 hour soaks in pH 13 effect. just very clean
fibers. ["classic" test for skin fungus is skin scrape
in KOH; skin dissolves..chitinous fungi ..remain.]

...and if "the particles/filaments/fibers"
ARE fungal in nature..continuing with
daily doses of mixed antifungal enzymes seem prudent..
as well as NAC to counter fungal gliotoxins..
[ran across a paper that indicates that N-acetylcystein
disrupts biofilms ..another plus]

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