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Re: childhood memory
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: childhood memory

Glad to hear that the fear aspect has subsided..likewise as my fertility each year has decreased i assume equates with no more prospects of further hybrid children.

false/phantom pregnancies is a term described by some women experiencers who felt as though they were with child.. only for that pregnant feeling to involvement with a man in sight. Like a miraculous conception!!!!

I have felt "pregnant" twice although was celibate and single at the time..and on one particular occasion was semi aware of a ripping sensation in my abdomin and my gut reaction of something being removed, a part of myself, and being pretty upset about it!!

It was around the time of my most intense alien experiences that i can recall. i have also fallen pregnant the conventional way since and knew instinctively my altered feeling state mirrored that of the previous phantom pregnancies before. Difficult to explain and hard i guess for some to understand..but there you go..(also bearing in mind i had not read any ufo material then of any breeding programme/hybrids etc untill way afterwards)

(As for alien abductions and childbirth memories linked to operating theaters, bright lights, cold instruments and eyes behind masks of doctors ? One has only have to look at the archives of ancient cave and religious paintings to see similarities to the drawings by alien experiencers in modern age.

Childbirth then in those ancient days and in some current cultures now is still a natural one at home or in nature itself without that kind of hospital paraphenalia but it's still an interesting idea and can see the rational link behind it!!)

Your waking up Sieeratoo in a car whilst on a camping trip reminds me of the time my friend came to my house for a sleep over when i was about 12 years old....As bunk beds were a novelty to my friend..i slept on the lower bunk and she on the top one..

however upon awakening in the morning, I found myself on the top bunk my head at the foot of the bed and my friend on the floor in just her pyjamas no bed covers to keep her warm yet she still slept through!!!Had she had fallen neither the impact or noise woke either of us up..neither did i recall climbing to the top bunk or my friend recall climbing down or falling off!

Whats stranger still is that between two giggly young girls this event would have been a funny incident to go over with each other and other friends in the playground Instead we woke up said very little and carried on regardless no further mention of it not even to each other!

Another time when i was probably even younger and homework wasn't set at school i felt compelled to set my own homework and wrote a piece surrounding a beautiful space ship..the lights and the humming outside my bedroom window..etc..and in large capitals writing "IT WAS SO BEAUTIFULL!"

It was also i realise then and now written in the spirit of a "secret diary" all the same hoping an adult would eventually read but the fact i was scared to reveal and actually submit it into the hands of an adult...spoke volumes of a childs reality of a situation. In otherwords it was not a "story" but non fiction. i wrote nothing else in the jotter other than that.

I regret tearing it up on my return to my family home in my late twenties by which time i had had my most recent intense alien experience. But Upon discovering the jotter and viewing this childs memory written in my own childlike handwriting was too overwhelming..the knowledge that my abductions had started from as early as nine..hit me like a locomotive and the reality of that happening to a mere child was all too much and ripped it up crying...the physical reaction of tearing it up the only other evidence of an authentic situation. I was, for any doubters considered a balanced sane child, the prefect house captain..etc..and babysitter for my teachers own children.

My own nephew a toddler and his reaction to the cover of the book called communion showing a grey alien also spoke volumes especially as his horrified look and pointing up at the sky at such an early age crying out "moo cow" and "dada" at the same time suggested either he had watched some alien movies, had read alien books or alternatively made the connection himself through his own direct experience!!!

In his later years i'm relieved to say he developed a fondness for alien toys, gimmicks ufo material..and lost his fear of aliens too. His parents, my sister and brother in law by contrast are distinctly and adimantly both non believers...and scientists which i find remarkable and have since moved out of the countryside next to a farm to the suburbs..where my nephews dad is still oblivious of his sons freak out in the earlier days!

I think in some ways we are the equivalent to the lost tribes found in the amazon jungle to these alien guys who are evolved further down the line..thats all... no mystery..from cave men days and the invention of the first wheel to sending up rockets into space...the aliens are just leaps and bounds ahead in technology and can achieve remarkable things..our non believing scientists are just facing a gap in "knowledge" our cave men first did..that.. or skeptics carry the familiar notion more firmly of..."it couldn't possibly happen to me" out of fear.

It's not always astounds me how sometimes the person who recieves a diagnosis of ill health musters up strenght from out of nowhere whilst the spouse for eg falls to pieces..maybe it's the same for alien experiencers who have learnt to accept and "cope" with knowledge that would otherwise be knowledge and the very rug pulled out from the feet of doubters and skeptics ....

some ramblings...and sharing of experiences..thank you sieeratoo ..i'm glad you are more free of fear and hope it extends to your daughter too..and still go camping..i do!!

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