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Just one (of millions) it's STRONGLY recommended... Re: Garlic = chologogue/choleretic AND anti-parasiteRe: Can anyone help me out?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Just one (of millions) it's STRONGLY recommended... Re: Garlic = chologogue/choleretic AND anti-parasiteRe: Can anyone help me out? ALWAYS (when not in emergency/crisis) cleanse and restore the colon FIRST (before doing any other cleansing).

3 bms daily (at the minimum) is natural and healthy (just like all animals in nature, we should have a bm 20-30 minutes after we eat a meal).  This lack of bowel action (and the swelling, gas, and engorgement it causes), directly & substantially negatively impacts the liver & gallbladder.  Here's why:

from this post:

(See the picture below - which is MUCH more realistic than most).  Most people don't realize that one of the most common complications of gallbladder removal surgery is when the gallbladder has become somehow 'attached' to the transverse colon.  The transverse colon (even when it's a normal size) constantly puts pressure on the liver, but in most people it's full of several meals worth of food instead of just 'one meals worth' (not to mention the build-up of gas & debris) and the resulting engorgement can be pressing and squishing the biliary network for decades, ultimately causing all kinds of liver, colon and overall health issues.  Just IMAGINE how compromised the liver could be if the transverse colon was engorged enough to press constantly on the gallbladder!  (And the gallbladder can be different locations for many people - so the the colon can squish/constrict the gallbladder even when it's not overly engorged).

Oh yes, there IS a good reason that the 'order of cleansing' is COLON FIRST!!! (and why we need to cleanse it thoroughly).

There's no reason at all that you can't do 30 days worth of IF#1/IF#2 while liver flushing (all of Dr. Schulzes patients on his Incurables Program did liver/kidney cleansing while doing the IF#1/IF#2...sometimes for several months).  When I'm doing IF#2, I usually don't take any the day of the flush (because I don't want to sift through the fiber/debris to find what was released in the liver flush).  Of course, the retail cost can be a reason for not cleansing adequately  (which is but one of the reasons my hubby and I make the same products and offer them much that others can afford to do what they need to do to heal themselves).  I don't care where people get their products, but I do care a lot that folks are doing "less than they need" because they can't afford to do what they need.  And it's SO sad (and frustrating) to constantly see people saying things like "well, I did a colon cleanse with IF#1/IF#2 and it didn't work"...when all they really did was a tiny fraction of a colon cleanse.

Maybe you didn't see/click on this before, but the answers to a LOT of IF#1/IF#2 and colon cleansing are right here.    Here's a lot of great information about using IF#1 & IF#2 for colon cleansing and healing:      Remember, it's KNOWLEDGE that is the key to achieving health...and if we're going to successfully be our own doctors, we have to take the time to amass a strong knowledge-base!

It's not likely I'll have much time to be answering more questions outside of my own forum (link in my original post Natural Healing & Herbal Solutions with Unyquity ), so if you'd like my thoughts on anything else - you know where to find me.

Also, it IS imperative to cleanse the colon thoroughly or you'll likely never get rid of all the parasites (a fact that it seems no one that sells parasite herbs can remember to tell to those who buy parasite products for years...grrrrr).  You can read through the Q&A posts/responses here [FAQ] Healing Cleanse - Parasites: Working File Thread  to understand why this is true.

Dr. Schulze claimed (that of his patients that weren't "terminal") that over 80% had complete symptom relief after a full & thorough colon cleanse.  We should ALWAYS do this first :)

Healthiest of blessings,

Unyquity (who must get back to unanswered posts on her own forum now, but happened to see your post/thread and just HAD to offer you this info :)


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