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Re: What in the WORLD is wrong with me??
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: What in the WORLD is wrong with me??

This person, no doubt, is more confused than before they came here. None of us can really KNOW through text. I had to go to some of the best doctors in the world to dissect my problems (and we're still dissecting them).

However, based on your symptoms it's probably one of the following.

-Food intolerance-allergen. If you have done a thorough elimination diet, including all preservatives , gluten, dairy, wheat, etc. Then you can probably pass this one up, getting tested will rule it out though.

-Infection. I would put my money on the fact that you do have an infection, possibly multiple ones as many of us do. The question is, what is it? A bacterium? A yeast? Mold? Parasite? Virus? Mycoplasma? If you think you may have a systemic infection you should really look up an LLMD, instead of self-treating.

-Hormone Dysfuntion- Someone mentioned adrenals, and that could very well be. It is possible it is ALL of these things. Adrenal burnout creates severe depletion of the stomach enzymes, so that might be why. Only a salivary panel will tell if you are in-sync and I'm sure someone here can recommend a good laboratory to go through.

-Immune dysfunction- for example auto-immune, ie body is attacking itself. You will need to be tested for this, for sure.

-Mold exposure is possible, do you have mold in your home?

-A Deficiency. This is pretty much granted, because most of us do from years of eating garbage. Blood tests are often not very good for detecting deficiencies, I think hair analysis is much better, but I could be wrong.

For now, to help with your digestion, I would recommend making bone-broth a part of your diet. It's cheaper than a supplement to make it and even if it doesn't fix the digestion issue, it's so good for your body. Google 'How to make bone broth'.

Begin consuming enzyme rich foods, which due to already having enzymes, don't really require your stomach to work to assimilate them. In fact, they help you digest other foods. Examples are raw saurkraut, raw kimchi, raw kombucha, and kvass. If you are not intolerant to dairy, you can try kefir or organic buttermilk. I used to take a few tablespoons of kimchi before eating, and some bone broth with most meals.

For your panic and anxiety, that can be related to any of the above, whether it is hormone related, infection related, toxic-exposure related, or deficiency related... I can't honestly tell you. While you're investigating this and improving your diet, get yourself some liquid valerian for panic attacks. A high quality magnesium supplement can help as well, especially if that's something you're low in.

There is also the matter of B6 and B12, BUT I don't want you running around spilling your money on something that may not help you. You need diagnostic tests.

My core suggestion would be to find an INTEGRATIVE physician, someone who has gone to medical school and is educated on nutrition, alternative medicine, and mystery illnesses. I even think there is an organization out there for MDs who have this extra education. I would not trust any other kind of therapist, honestly.

Search for one near you, here:

Make sure this person is an MD or a DO.

In the meantime, come here for support, do a lot of reading, and eat a healthy nourishing diet. After over a decade of studying nutrition this website has the best information on how to feed your body. There are no supplements being sold, just recipes and articles.

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