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Published: 17 years ago
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Hi Redman

This are my views and opinion based on my own personal experiences and you may like to experiment with some of the techniques.

It would appear that cursed health issue that have a CFS/FMS/MPS etc are difficult to diagnose satisfactorily but there would appear too many health practitioners who each have an idea for a miracle cure. I came to the conclusion that I was stuck with the problem. I was getting very aggressive to my doctor for, I guess, not making me better so I thought it was time to take matters into my own hands. I looked at Candida issues, hypoglycaemia, diet, supplements, etc. I concluded that the slight improvement I obtained from each protocol was not sufficient to warrant the restrictions they imposed. I further concluded that these protocols would make most well people feel better.

What tipped the balance was that I started suffering from "digestion problems" and pain in and around the abdomen. I diagnosed this myself as gallbladder pain and as I started researching I discovered that the drugs that were prescribed for Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and pain can cause congestion of the biliary system so I started to flush. This has cleared up a whole host of problems and reduced the primary symptoms of pain, tiredness and brain-fog. However, I still get flare-ups but they are short lived and the recovery is fast.

The Liver Flushing has decongested my liver and finally after 9 month my gallbladder is functioning. The liver is the control centre of the body for the production of chemicals; therefore, having a clean liver must be a good thing. Your partner needs to decide a programme and prepare for it because the self empowerment, belief and expectation in the Liver Flushing protocol will increase the levels of dopamine which plays a crucial role in our mental and physical health.

The elements that you might to consider are as follows:

1. Clean up the diet and eat in a way that doesn't drain energy but is enjoyable. Eat good quality whole food with few refined carbohydrates.

2. Make sure the kidneys are flowing well before liver flushing. Try consuming a kidney cleaning tea for two weeks or more, eg Celery seed tea.

3. Liver Flush every 2 to 3 weeks until clear of "stones" for three consecutive flushes. While Liver Flushing eat plenty of apples (fresh or stewed) and/or drink apple juice (fresh squeezed is best but all will give some benefit). You may also like to consider incorporating stewed rhubarb, plums, blackcurrants, and sour cherries into your diet, but only if you like these fruits.

4. Other advice given to sufferers of CFS/FMS/MPS is:

Regulate the sleep. Try not to drink or eat stimulating food after 7.00 pm. Keep the bedroom for sleeping and sex so that the mind associates the room with sleep. Once in bed try to stay there even if you need the toilet to establish a new habit. Make sure the bedroom is completely dark. Try not to sleep in the day; use relaxation rather than cat-naps.

Relaxation. Take time out in the morning and after to relax and visualise for 30 minutes.

Stretch. It is advantageous to move the joints, stretch and relax the muscles and tendons, and stress the bones to stop stagnation. Blood needs and fluid need to flow freely through the body to clean it.

Exercise. Gentle enjoyable exercise, like walking and swimming moves the body it a way that is essential to its wellbeing. The bones need to compress repeatedly to "pump" nutrients to them. The movement of muscles ensures correct function of the capillary blood distribution. Exercise should be carried well within the limits imposed by MPS/FMS/CFS.

Socialise. Laugh every day and socialise in an enjoyable way.

Drug free. Aim to be free of prescription drugs that are unnecessary or ineffective.

You will need to read and work out your own "cure" regime.


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