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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief

Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief

procedures to begin BVT self treatments plus update and additions to first letter above

I believe the main reason for many individuals having Arthritis or peyronies (male discomfort) today can be blamed on our immune system´s mismanagement or placement of calcium-based patches throughout the body! I do not believe that peyronies discomfort is a male problem, and I suspect that some women have too c-patch patchwork within the vagina zone
Anyway, it is very possible peyronies discomfort comes from our immune system continual placement, many hundreds of overlapping c-patch layers (upon itself) in and around skelton body parts needing immediate repairs to maintain a constant ´State of Well Being! The main reason is that our immune system has preselected specific skelton body zones as needing superficial repairs do to over work or play by the body.
And that make proper repairs the immune system has ordered placement of calcium-based material to give immediate relief to the declared damaged zones or over worked body parts of the body.
I am free of peyronies discomforts based on self treatments of Honey Bee Venom for the last 5 years (BVT Self-Treatment). It took me about one year to gain complete freedom of peyronies, and I think these treatments of the penis zone, over the years, have repaired much deeper in my pelvis zone, giving additional repairs to my prostate gland. The below information is my story with a happy ending and it is the easiest, surest and best means of naturally removing these calcium-based patches for both Arthritis and peyronies suffers.
And for the people that are really really afraid of getting pricked or cut by others please remember -- A bee´s stinger is not more than a half millimeter long, a very little dart all made by nature itself and ready for injection! The sting is similar to injection needs, many times less, and only last 2 to 3 minutes the most. And with ice cube applied before and after removal of stinger, the pain is reduced even further! But what this venom does is nothing less than nature´s secret medicine at work. For all injections administered by doctors are not venom, but just chemical formulas manufactured by medical industry to gain profits. But more importantly here is that honey bee venoms travel across the connectives tissues, whereas most medically generated chemical formulas do not. And frankly is not nature´s little darts smaller than any doctors´ knives or needles could be?
My story is presented below. Its basic plan is to release a simple working plan via self treatment using honey bee venom darts cautiously to win with maximum relief for both Arthritis or peyronies suffers!
My Story: I have experimented with honey bee venom self treatment since 2005. It took me a full year to get rid of peyronies discomforts, but in the end all was worth it. You can read the older letters, online, by searching google or other search engine with these two words, peyronies beesting. Keep beesting as one word, though, so you can capture all the locations of this older document. The above paragraphs is the expansion or improvement of first part of older letter published by Beesting last year. I am Beesting author to the older letters online and to the next few letters to explain exactly what any individual with arthritis or peyronies can do to gain relief from c-patches placed by their own immune system.
Beesting Sensitivity Test plus BVT Practice Zone Procedure
Honey bee management and tools
Of course, it is possible to overdose with honey bee venom injections, the safest way for persons not remembering if they have been stung or not by honey bees is to go to a BVT treatment clinic nearby. Here the specialist can perform a sensitivity test to prove you have acceptable tolerance to bee venom injections. But if you remember being stung, and did not have an overreaction requiring medical attention, then below procedures will be useful and with acceptable results.
It is important to remember you are injecting honey bee venom and not any other insect’s venom. It is paramount you identify honey bees: go online to get pictures and their flowering habits in mind and in your neighborhood. The easiest way to start is ask a few neighborhood boys to capture a few bees for you. If this is your means of capture, then provide cleaned fruit jars with punched inlets to allow bees to breath after capture. Be sure to pay these youths for their services. You only need 3 to 4 fruit jars at the most, and the task will be completed in a few minutes. It is not a bad idea tagging along to see which flowering plants honey bees are visiting to collect nectar, pollen and water.
Once you have a few bees captured you will need to keep them alive for a few days. The best way is cut a few cotton swabs in half, and dip plastic end in some purchased honey from store. With honey dripping off swab plastic end just drop swabs end with honey into one of the fruit jars breathing holes you made in the jars metal lid. This will allow the bee to feed on this honey and stay alive a few days.
To handle the bee itself, one will need to cut a round plastic water bottle in half, keeping the bottom half for holding a small amount of water. A gallon or 5 liter bottled water plastic container will do just fine. Also, you need to buy two items from the store. A special tweezers called a reverse-tweezers. It should be 5 or 6 inches long too. Any a plastic sifter to fit over the selected and cut off bottom half plastic water container. This is to keep the floating bee inside, swimming about, but not yet flying to escape capture by reverse tweezers! This will take some practice, but soon you will be able to capture swimming in water bees in a few seconds—following the immediate injection of its stinger at selected body part – in this case the largest leg muscle.
It takes about 20 minutes for the bee stinger to inject all of its venom, so timing of injection remaining in selected body part is important when starting out. To begin let the bee stinger remain in body for 10 seconds, before flipping out the stinger with your finger nail. Never use your finger tips for pinching the stinger will inject all the venom at once.
To select the body part to begin sensitivity test, one will need to look for the largest muscle—that is the upper leg muscle will do just fine.
To start the sensitivity test, place the captured bee, in reverse tweezers only, just above the knee cap but in the leg muscle itself. Let the stinger remain in muscle tissues for about 10 seconds and then flip out the stinger with your finger nail, as discussed above. Then draw with pencil a 2-inch circle around the stinger zone, which will allow you to measure your sensitivity levels of bee venom upon the largest muscle in the body.
Three things could happen; first, the pain will be noticed, but only last for a few minutes at the most. If there is a lot of local pain to the leg, in your opinion, just add an ice cube upon the injection zone. In time, your pain threshold will be greatly increased during BVT Practice Zone Procedure. In other words, you will be able to leave the bee stinger in for much longer time periods with little notice to enduring pain. Second, if the stinger did not get through all the skin layers. You will need to practice more injections until you are sure the stinger went in straight through the three layers. If you can see the stingers point just below the skin, then some water puffing up outside the 2-inches circle will occur. It will not prove to be important, unless the entire leg muscle is puffing up too. In this case you are super sensitive and should not continue further, without the aid of a BVT specialist. Thirdly, if little puffing up of the muscle tissues occurred this is proof your injection process was perfectly done. In any case, even if some reddening did occur outside of the 2-inches circle, you have normal tolerance levels to bee venom injections of 10 seconds and can proceed to next step: BVT Practice Zone Procedure.
Note: do not add more bee stingers to leg muscle, for one bee sting to any body part is good enough to prove it is safe to continue further with BVT self treatments.
Over the years, many individuals will experience having some level of arthritis on their bodies. In women it is mostly their feet begin first sight of abnormal bumps or shapes at toe joints. In men these bumps or pains can be in the finger joints, elbows and knees, depending on the persons work and play habits throughout life.
So it would behoove ourselves to learn BVT self treatments early in life to contain the immune system mismanagement of c-patch placement in areas it identifies as damaged zones of the body. And for peyonies suffers the best place to practice on is not the penis, but the hand itself. Why? For the fingers appendage of the hand is a lot like a penis in shape—an extrusion of sorts. Therefore, the best place to practice BVT self treatments is the hand, mostly the fingers and thumb—up to the wrist only.
To begin practicing on the fingers, it is important to inject bee stingers in the upper hand and fingers only, never in the finger print areas or palm of the hand. The main reason is the skin is the thinnest on the upper part of hand—especially the knuckles! Other reasons are upper part of hand and fingers have the least pain sensors present, and it is the easiest place to work to work with and to witness our perfecting skills at injecting the bee stinger straight into the body, passing all skin barriers. Remember one bee sting injection per finger of hand per day! In other words, one bee stinger injection per hand. Even if you fail to pass all three skin layers—one bee stinger per hand per day—never two or more on hand in any one day of injections! The selection of which finger will be my final instructions to this letter2 from Beesting.
In conclusion, practice makes perfect, and the penis is not the place to practice bee stinger injections. This will be discussed in the last letter coming up in a few months from now.
But where on the hand should one practice on? The knuckles are the typical place for the immune system to place c-patches. This applies to both feet and hands too. Even so, take a close look at your top part of hands and specifically the knuckles themselves. Do you see any bumps (c-patches networks) protruding out or around the knuckle zones of either hands—remember top side only? Or if no bumps present, discomforts of pain at the joints of either hand. Another way to witness c-patch localized placements is to close fingers of hand to see if the outer most joints are twisted in any other direction but straight out! Bumps or not, the practice zones for bee stinger injections is the knuckles!
I have these bumps on the outer most knuckles of two fingers on both hands! What I did was place a bee stinger right in the center of each protruding bumps, and no pain experienced. I pressed the stingers deeper into the bumps, until pain occurred. I left the stingers in for 5 to 10 minutes each. The bump did not reduce in size until several weeks of injections—every three days! The bumps are gone, but I must continue bee stinger injections for the rest of my life. Fortunately, the number of beestings per month has been reduced to a few times each hand. This proved out to be true with the penis injections, always middle top of shaft, and one injection per every three days to get rid of all peyornies discomfort. Today, I still make injections to the penis--one injection per two or three weeks. More injections will not help, for the removal of c-patches is a slow process—it takes months to get al calcium-based laminates out of the body.
The immune system will continue to place c-patches until victim passes away! The task here is to identify the discomfort and deal as early as possible. Once you have discovered your hands, feet or penis is not performing correctly due to pains or sexua| dysfunction, the arthritis or peyronies suffers have really little choices. I have searched the internet, and let the ´disease´ get the best of me. I have lost length, but with beesting injections all of my width and more have returned. Also, an entire industry is now working the arthritis or peyronies problems for gain of the dollar—just look at the penis stretchers now on sale, offered by licensed doctors no less! And if you let the doctor cut into you, replacing the penis expansion chambers—remember 5 percent are failures on the operating table. That means 5 per cent of the person operated on leave the hospital penis-less! Now that is scary!

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