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3 years on iodine
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Published: 10 years ago
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3 years on iodine

The most striking thing last year is the Bromides finally coming out. I never had so much of the headaches, Acne and such so typical for bromide in the beginning.

But now; as soon as I up the dosage of iodine, it pays back within the day (frontal head ache) or the next day; acne. Also a lot of the other bromide symptoms have come as sore tongue / mouth, everything taste to sour at the moment, even the eye lid and foot twitching suddenly came back; the bromide symptom list that lolite posted recently is a good referance point for this strange part of the Iodine journey;

more on bromide;

It seems like that the first and second year was more about the thyroid for me, FBD and such; while now when saturated and not hypo T anymore, the body can get rid of the bromide load. What helps the head ache is salt water, what helps the Acne is wheat grass powder; twice a day with extra vit C clears the skin.

A year ago I suspected low zinc in myself; white spots on nails; so I have supplemented with zinc on and off and the spots disappeared. The same happened to my youngest son.
I believe that high Iodine demands high companions; thats why I adjust dosages and supplements monthly by listening to what the body tells via symptoms.
I have had great effect of magnesium, especially when I found a mag supplement without binders, fillers, coating etc. It is incredibly more efficient than the former I used (mag malate / citrate from Now food)
Especially when combined with boron it has almost a sedative effect on me; sleeps better!

The female cycles is also a good referance to what happens in the body. I once could set the clock after my periods; 28 days. When I became hypo T / before Iodine it was down to 21-23 days and much heavier bleeding. First and second year it variated between 23-27 days. Last half year it has been steady 26 days and not heavy anymore. (I suspect zinc had a say in this)
FBD is now completely gone, no breast pain whatsoever!

What I want to adress further is the adrenals; they are healing slowly but surely; even if I am back on the coffee wagon. One adrenal symptoms that has disappeared the last year is dizziness. It used to be quite bad, especially after long flights; this could linger for days. On the last 10 hour flight I had it was gone.
Still a little allergy going on, could also be bromide of course but I put this on the adrenals; stuffed sinuses,sneezing,runny nose etc.
- but it last only for minutes now and I dont sound as if I have a cold all the time.
Still a little dry skin; but this is 90 % better than it was 3 years ago. All this is to live with; but I want to see how far I can take this iodine protocol. No more wrinkles are forming, no bags under the eyes anymore; I am definitely pleased with this as I have my share of vanity.

BTW my two year update; //


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