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Please help me cure my dog! Golden Retriever 6, multiple Lipomas
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Published: 9 years ago

Please help me cure my dog! Golden Retriever 6, multiple Lipomas

Hello everyone this is my first post I appreciate any help anyone is willing to give. I will provide a brief summary for those who dont have time and as much info as I can for those who it will benefit in helping me. Thank you

My Golden Retriever 6, has mutltiple "lipomas". The first one discovered was tested by a veteranian and confirmed to be non malignant, a fatty tumor. This one was relatively small and may have shrunk. He has one smaller than a golf ball but worryingly large close to his armpit. There is another smaller one on the side of his chest on the other side. I do not know if the microchip he was implanted with has moved or if it is one of these lumps. I think I should take him back to the veteranarian to test the other lumps, but I want a way to cure my dog, not a bill for subjecting him to senseless cutting burning or drugging. I havent spent time investigating the pet health business but Im fully aware the a patient cured is a customer lost to the scumbags running the deathcare business for humans.
Any way you can help me cure these lipomas is very much appreciated!

PROBLEM-Multiple lipomas

POTENTIAL CAUSES-Diet. He's been fed the processed dog kibble with real meat occasionally mixed in for the majority of his life. After watching a few vids at the pet section of Dr. Mercola's web site, I've realized what I obviously should have long ago,that dogs aren't meant to eat dried processed garbage. Now Im actually reading the damn ingredients, I managed to find a brand that actually lists chicken as the first ingredient, not chicken meal by product whatever passes for that. So I need to find a good diet of real food to start feeding my dog, obviously. I dont have a good source for that right now. Also I understand that "probiotics" or digestive enzymes are beneficial as in the wild they eat real meat as well as bile from the entrails which aids in digestion. The times he has vomited up kibbles theyve been mostly undigested, which makes sense as dogs dont have the enzymes to digest that crap. I'm hoping that by finding a proper diet I can prevent the formation of new lipomas and find a way to help cure the existing ones.

-Water. I give him the filtered water that comes out of the fridge that I drink, but I have not yet installed a reverse osmosis water system, so the water contains the hazardous unnatural byproduct sodium fluoride which is very bad for health on a basic cellular function level, its purpose is to make people docile, passive and easy to dominate. (See Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Edward Bernays) By getting a water source that isnt deliberately poisoned, hopefully both of our healths will improve in this insane world.

-Injections. I haven't investigated pet vaccines but I've spent a fair bit of time learning about the horrors of human vaccination. Even if the theory of vaccination works when properly applied, which I cant say, that doesnt mean the people who fund and make can't use it for other, often insanely evil purposes, which I know has and does continue to happen unchecked. (See Bill Gates publicly saying vaccines will be used to REDUCE WORLD POPULATION, see the World Health Organization (What a joke of a name) going into 3rd world countries with a tetanus vaccine that sterilized every woman who got it, see Bertrand Russel The Impact of Science of Society "Diet, injections injuctions"). I don't know how many times he's been vaccinated (Hes the family dog) but I imagine that stops now.

-Microchip. The dog was implanted with a microchip. I understand that this doesnt allow tracking, just scanning in person. The dog actually got away once when I wasnt there (I wasnt too pleased when I found out) and was returned, apparently with the aid of the chip although his collar has tags on it. I understand that the chips have caused cancer where implanted which doesnt surprise me at all its a damn microchip its not supposed to be in you. So I think I need to take him to the vet to have him make sure the chip hasnt moved from its original spot and isnt one of these lumps.

-Flea Poison. Once or twice every year or however long it is we put a small amount of some product I can find the name if it matters on his back to kill fleas. Obviously this stuff is poison and if its going on him its going in him. So no more of that and im sure theres much better ways to make sure he doesnt get fleas.

-Environment. It's winter now but it's possible the dog could be exposed to pesticides I suppose when hes walking. He doesnt come into contact with cleaning chemicals at home. Not necessarily a factor in his lipomas but potentially in his health and all of ours is the continuous aerosol spraying ongoing above our heads. Incredibly most people around here are so dumbed down that if they even see two planes in the air one leaving no trail at all or a condensation trail that quickly dissipates, and the other dumping a spray that hangs in the air indefinately and dissipates, and these people cant even see it, and if they do see it, they think nothing of it. These people have been lobotomized by a lifetime of indoctrination, propaganda, and being dumbed down chemically by injection, food, water and even air (what a wonderful world eh). Anyways, the best thing that can be going on is they're dumping some aluminum which is not good for you, but spraying has been used to administer bioweapons. For those without a background on the subject I recommend here as a good starting point
. Theres not much I can do about having crap dumped on me other than taking steps to chelate heavy metals from the body. Maybe the same would benefit my dog.

-Exercise: The dog goes for a run for a couple ours with other dogs during the weekdays and I walk and run him but obviously more exercise and more sunshine would be better for his health.

SYMPTOMS- Lipomas. One was tested deemed non malignant, at least 2 others that havent been tested yet, 1 of worrying size. Should probably have them tested to determine threat level.

-Sleeping noises/yelps. The dog always dreamed when he sleeped but now often when sleeping he'll produce yelps/hiccup sounds and seems like he's having a nightmare. I cannot help but feel this is an external manifestation of the conflict within as his body struggles with whatevers causing these lumps.

-Pain? The dog has not showed signs of being in pain but at times does appear to be more "sad" I know this is incredibly subjective. It could be because my mom is out of the country right now. However the lipomas showed up before that as did the apparent slight behavior change and hey I wouldnt be happy with these damn things growing in me either. When he sees people or is exercising or outside hes very happy though, so they are not prevnting him from being able to enjoy life.

-Sluggish? It seems he has potentially been made a little more sluggish when in doors, but if theres people or food around or hes going outside hes full of enrgy.

CURES- Diet. I need to find a Golden Retriever diet of real food like hes meant to eat, not processed garbage. Any help with finding this is appreciated. Also I should add digestive enzymes? Anyone with knowledge or a reccoendation here is appreciated.

-Water. I need to obtain a pure water source for better health.

-No more injections.

-Check that the microchip is where it should be, see if it is causing a lump. Remove it? I would rather the damn thing out.

-No more putting flea poison on his back, need a way to prevent fleas that isnt poison to my dog.

-Supplements/treatments. This is where I need your guys help. Whether its supplements to help restore his body to a balanced state so he can heal himself or its a supplement or technique to kill the disease itself let me hear about it.
I'm aware of but havent done extensive research into Colloidal Silver , and Humble's Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . I'm also aware of a process none as Blood Electrification (Youtube Bob Beck), which is patented as a viable means to kill AIDS. I've heard Iodide/Iodine? Mentioned. The fact that the criminal medical organization has gone out of there way to slander these techniques is to me a very good sign as they are a evil monopoly with no interest in anyone being able to cure themself But this is where I really need your help you guys. Any you can offer is extremely appreciated by me and my dog.
Thank you!

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