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Re: Very cold hands and feet

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Very cold hands and feet

Hello, I used to be very prone to this, and am not now, (unless very tired and stressed)now I almost always go barefoot, (or in sandals) unless I have to wear boots outside. I'm in a cold place too. Hands and feet usually warm. warmer since I started going barefoot. The body learns new ways.

The body will normally store/centralize heat in the main organs, to protect itself, and 'steal' from the exremities--makes sense. So, strenghten the core organs.
stomach, liver, lungs. kidneys...How?

Cleanse the colon,so assimilation is more likely. Eat lots of vegtables and fruit and whole grains. and take good probiotics. I like home-cultured foods and kombucha. (No/little processed food, no pop, no aspartame.)Get "regular". That is, likely 2-three BMs a day, but not by using laxatives. It's very likely the stomach/bowels are an issue. Most people do not understand constipation.

Liver congestion--a big one. Takes a big toll on the body.
And it is the "live-r". Stores unresolved anger, and other emotions--which Liver Flushing can clear, along with many toxins. Adrenals, almost everyone is burning the candle at both ends...

The thing that made the biggest difference for me was, I think, some liver cleansing;

and then, remineralization: via norwegian kelp, unsulphered organic blackstrap molasses, nettles, lemon, magnesium, calcium...(this is all to rebuild the body and the nerves), oh, and good Sea Salt . key.

All together, this paved the way for eating more -and better quality- green veg. and fruit, and today I feel so much better than I have in years.later, I did some water fasting, and that has been a godsend, also.

Google "brix" for insight on how your "good" food can harm you.

You're on the way...might want to check out Moreless' protocol. It was easy and inexpensive, and made a huge change for me, back some years ago. ( "ask Moreless" -- he has a new website, but check on curezone)

``````just wanted to add, after reading the thread--I STILL have my amalgams, and used to be very focussed on them as being THE issue. very against them, and bothered. But I haven't ever had the extra money to replace them all. 8 or so.

Mentally, I've now switched off that focus, and with the rebuilding, with the kelp especially in synergy with the other stuff, I don't give much thought to them usually.

I do eat a lot of cilantro. (chelates mercury) I did also do some parasite cleansing, but not much, and now I have another view on that as well. I believe it's easier and more helpful to first clear the system,(some liver flushing, and hydrating with water and a bit of salt), and simply build up with good whole food minerals...
i guess people call them superfoods. but this is the low-level, just folks approach.

And everything evens out. I used to also have low blood sugar, and get shaky. Then I got some hormonal swings...
adrenal stuff.

Now I usually have one meal a day, and feel very even. Could never have imagined that, before water fasting. And, could never have conceived of water fasting--nor do I recommend anyone does, until they balance out and build up the mineral stores--At that point, Water Fasting can 'clear' a lot of old repressed illnesses and developing aches and pains, including "genetic predispositions" and so forth. And, it can reset the appetite, to desiring only very good things. That's the real gift of it, imv.

but, step by step.

there are steps to this--and rebuilding can accompany the cleansing, if you're simple and traight about it. "fix the terrain", as all the masters say. What a lot of people doen't tell you, is you don't need all sorts of things to "kill" yeast, and all that.

remineralizing takes care of a lot. Go see what Moreless' people have experienced.



===PS. the kelp is not something to stop is the synergy of kelpplus...that is the thing. Also, it might be that you are simply taking too many "good things" while the liver is burdened...and the body can't even doeal with what you're giving it. I think that is a very common problem.
People throw all sorts of supplements at a body for years, and really, it all gets wasted. the liver is really key, imv.


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