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Image Embedded ...too early for "happy feet dance"..
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Published: 8 years ago
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...too early for "happy feet dance"..

..just below the surface of the much trouble.

crude "microtome" of skin surface to check


skin is loaded with "gel packs"..yellow most common
today..also reds..found a pretty green one. snake in this skin sample..[not in this view]

...and the translucent "snakes" are EVERYWHERE.
..this ain't over by a long shot.

*...yep...gonna' need to order more anti mOrg ammo..*
{60 day loadout of Olive Leaf Extract on the way)


** Bestest general purpose..all 'round helpful mOrg stomping weapons so far..//

**Water's removing at least 95 percent of the crap in the water supply. Despite the marketing hype
[lies] distillation does not result in "PURE" water.
All distilled water I've observed..including half a dozen
commercially sold brands..ALL had "things" in them..many of
which are dead ringers for what is in my tap water.
There is probably a very good reason why none of the brands
I've seen sell their "PURE" water in transparent plastic
or glass...and always use translucent plastic.
You can't see thru the "jug" to observe how
"PURE' the wate is..[or isn't]
Its bad for sales if folks can hold the jug
up to a light and see..tiny particle..thingys.
They might start..thinking..and asking embarassing questions.

**Organic vinegar and baking soda..does a great job of
helping to pull the body fluid pH UP..[otherwise has
a nasty tendency to crash toward "5"]
mORg/fiber activity MUCH accelerated when urine is
acidic; when close to 7.0..activity highly reduced.
I observe that the long urine fibers are usually[ heavily damaged/partually dissolved/not really assembled/denatured ]

..body processes are heavily acidic. Acidity not coming from my food..or drink. No soda pop crosses these lips.
I suspect too much fermentation going on..via bacteria or
fungus activity...too many fungus..generating too much
lactic acid. Just's not like I can peek at
the "mOrg process guages".

3}** HEPA two..keep the airborn crap to a lower
level. In the beginning..the prefilters were getting trashed in days. Keep a "log" of sorts on the HEPA cannisters..had one set of prefilters wasted in a week. was bad.

* The airborne fiber count was getting amplified due to ignorance.

the fibers are in the tap water.
the clothes washing machines use that tap water.
"someone" was trying to be frugal..was air drying their
clothes using box fans.."the dryers in the apt complex don't really get hot..if you can find one that
works at all..and.."it only costs pennies to use
the box fans to blow dry the laundry! clever, no?


..the clothes were saturated with the fibers from the tap water.
Air blowers spread those fibers all over everywhere.
..the fibers find their way back to the clothes as
they are used/worn in the apt...
only to be washed..air dried..MORE fibers scattered everywhere..

*repeat this cycle for a couple of years..
....??maaaan..where is all this lint coming from?

durrr..yeah. slow learner. No soup for me.

lesson learned: goto laundromat..maybe their water is not
so polluted. maybe.

use the dryers..the ones that actually get HOT...
..most of the fibers stay in the dryer air filter...not
on the cloths.

Air quality in the habitat is MUCH better.


now...if only Curezone would not RESIZE all the pics
to make them BIGGER than the size that they were submitted in. like the pic in this post.
sent up as a 10.5 x 8.5 inch..
is being viewed as a 13x9.5 inch ..

guys..I don't really have the pixels to look good at 10x8..
...only gets more fuzzy when it gets inFLATED.



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