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Am I having TMAU?
joliepitt Views: 2,024
Published: 12 years ago

Am I having TMAU?

1. My fishy breath started in grade school and has gotten worse since then. Still suffering from a strong fishy breath alternating with fecal breath if I get constipated.

2. When I turned 20something I have smelled like burned rubber, burned sugar, onions, the food I eat, fried fish, cat's urine, vinegar, garbage, fart, toilet, and rotten flesh or kinda like a dead rat. I think I have all the odors in the world. No kidding =(

2. I mostly eat eggs and meat-based foods like hotdogs, hams, fish, and other canned goods. The only carbo source I daily eat is rice. Sugars and other carbs are rarely craved.
I still smell even if I only eat oatmeal the whole day. I'm also an instant noodle fan.

3. Have tried activated charcoal but i still smell like rotten meat.

4. I also tried probiotics but I smell like urine.

5. My armpit and my vagina smells like onions ever since childhood. It's still a problem. Horrible!

6.I don't have a white tongue and other yeast infections. I am prone to canker sores though and athlete's foot.

7. My mouth's saliva feels sticky and my throat always stock some clear phlegm in it.

8. My right ear is kinda deaf and my left nostril is always block like there's an inflammation in there or something. I can touch it with my finger. It has been like that since I was young.

9. I got plenty of stretch marks even before I entered adolescence. It's only me in the clan that has tons of marks in thighs and calves and a lil in the breast and shoulder area. I have a thin stretchy smooth skin but not wrinkling. And I;m the only one with a fair skin (not really pale) in the family. And it's only me that has B.O.

10. All multivitamins and mineral supplements never help alleviate the odors.

11. And as a result of these odors, I gotta deal embarrasments and racing heart everyday even if I don't think about the smells and actually don't have it.

12. Garlic and VCO are no help. I don't think I have candida. I look so clean and healthy in the outside.. except for my oily faced with whiteheads.

13. Ever since birth, I'm very prone to constipation and sour stomach. My regular bowel habit is not everyday.

14. Others feel like they want to urinate because of nervousness, but I want to defecate instead.

15. My hair is coarse and oily ever since birth.

16. Chlorophyll just made my poop greenish but I still stink.

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