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Re: Hi Wombat and others-investigating iodine therapy for cysts & nodules
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Hi Wombat and others-investigating iodine therapy for cysts & nodules

Welcome to the world of Iodine!!!

As was said your symptoms are classic Iodine defficiency symptoms. Just watch the first video in the list of links I am sending to you.....Dr Flechas speaks directly to several of your symptoms.

These days I am more interested in checking someones bromide output level as a baseline. The loading test is only marginally useful, because if your transport system is broken the Iodine level will look ok, but it isn't getting into the cells so you are just peeing it all out, that is why it looks like your tissues are saturated with Iodine. There is another test to check for the transport problem, but if you take all the companion nutrients and the Iodine you are covered for healing the transport problem. Bromide levels can be useful for tracking your levels over time.

I am about to check my bromide level again and each time I have checked my level it has gone up.....Dr Brownstein took 4 years before he level of bromide dropped to low level. This can be useful to help people stay the course with Iodine in case they don't have immediate results.

I am excited for you!!!!
You are going to feel so much better...

here are the links:

This video is great, short, sweet, to the point, this might lite your fire, it certainly has mine:

slides from a conference on Iodine in 2007:

Lots of important info:

bromide dominance
detox symptoms
general iodine info
salt loading
companion nutrients that should definitely be taken along with Iodine
Iodine Loading test

and more

I haven 't fully digested this site
but a lot of good info
this bromide thing is so important
because it can warrant taking Iodine at doses that seem like a lot
and because if people start having detox symptoms they need to be really clear they are probably bromide detox symptoms not Iodine toxicity symptoms

Dr Brownstein clips talking about Iodine
he is clear and easy to understand
I met him two years ago speaking at the boulder functional medicine group
he has a great book on Iodine and tons of personal experience in his practice

The safe and effective implementation of orthoiodosupplementation in medical practice
by Guy E. Abraham, M.D.
Great article, he has an atittude but I think it is totally justified, IMHO.
Shares some of the history around how Iodine became a bad guy.
Dr. Abraham is the mentor for both Dr. Brownstein and Dr. Flechas. These three are often called the "Iodine Docs" because they are actively researching and promoting the use of Iodine in medicine.

tons of info and research abstracts


this FAQ's area has some good info, some is awesome, some needs to be picked through
there is also an Iodine supplementation support forum

Wombat is one of the moderators
she had serious FBD and healed herself with Iodine as a primary agent
curezone can be a great place for people having detox symptoms to ask questions to people who have been around the block
ie. I found out that runny nose, skin breakouts, itching, headaches, anxiety and getting really cold at times are all common detox symptoms that will go away in time while taking Iodine.

googling David Brownstein or Jorge Flechas or Guy Abraham and the word Iodine can be useful sometimes too

the following is a response Wombat made to me when i asked her for good Iodine info:

As far as convincing someone of the necessity of Iodine supplementation, this Dr. Fleschas audio has convinced many, and brought a few to tears:

& as far as convincing someone of the efficacy of iodine supplementation, this video shows that Iodine supplementation, even after deprivation can have a positive influence on intellectual development... cretinism reversed in the next generation:

The iodine research at

The interviews with Mark Starr are very good too

for Iodine loading and bromide testing

So that should give something to chew on for awhile
Let me know what you think of all of this, if you have more questions I am happy to talk

I have had several clients have some really cool changes: more energy, warmer, breasts softening, uterine fibroids shrinking, menstrual symptoms lessening and more. One of my clients starting sweating for the first time in her life. I shouldn't have been surprised, but the sweat glands need iodine to work properly. Even my girlfriends breasts softened after just 2 months on Iodine and her menstrual symptoms have lessened.

I of course have had full fledged detox symptoms like anxiety, metallic taste in mouth and more which have often gone away with a simple salt push: 1/4 -1/2tsp Sea Salt in 12-16 oz water.

Most people don't have any detox symptoms or they are pretty mild, but some percentage of people have some moderately to very strong detox symptoms so it can be important to have some familiarity with what these symptoms are and how to ameliorate them.


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