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Published: 10 years ago
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Forum guidelines & healing 'thinks & thoughts'... Re: varicocele-please help!

Greetings all -

It seems like (maybe perhaps?) some don't realize this is  a 'private' (dedicated to specific methodologies/concepts) support forum...and I've dedicated this forum to truly natural healing, mostly as taught & practiced by Dr. Schulze, Christopher & Gerson (and similar healers...throwing out some of their use of supplements since they can be substituted with natural herbs or plants).  Basically, we never use "isolated anythings" (no plants or minerals processed in a laboratory with all their natural co-factors and phytochemicals removed, and certainly not "synthetics).  All of these things (along with ground rocks, fossils, shells, metals, matter how small they're "ground") are not something we'd ever eat naturally, and they all have the potential to cause harm and imbalance.  Here's a good example of what things like rock-based mineral supplements and coral calcium can do:
Rock-based Calcium (and other rock-based minerals)

I don't EVER want to prevent the open sharing of information, but I do want to keep this forum "on topic".  And since there's over 1000 forums on CZ where everyone can discuss virtually anything, asking everyone to respect the type of healing that this forum is dedicated to sharing, learning and using to heal (natural) and keep their postings about using supplements and 'other' on other forums, takes care of two things with one request :)  'Just wanted to explain  (I realize very few people know there's a MAJOR difference between truly natural healing and "alternative" medicine - no harm no foul! :)

On to the varicocele and other varicosities:

There are two basic causes of varicosities - vein/arteries (or other 'tubes' within the body) with too much pressure on or in them, or tubes with lack of strength/integrity (or, of course, both causes together).

The very first thing we do when learning to be our own doctors is to make sure we know what we're dealing with.  What IS the spermatic cord?

Definitions of spermatic cord on the Web:

That's not nearly enough information for most to be able to get a clear enough picture to make decisions on how to treat & heal it oneself so let's see if a clear picture can be found (Googling "spermatic cord" and clicked on "images").  Okay, I found a couple (it looks like the spermatic cord is red in the first and blue in the second)

Since we know this:  --"the entire colon is so big that it is connected to, touches, sits next to or is in the vicinity of every major organ in the human body except the brain. It also touches most of your major blood vessels and nerves." (Schulze) .  And since we can clearly see that even the slightest enlargement or engorgement of the colon would result in pressure on the spermatic cord (and that is it truly rare to find ANY adult that has done a thorough colon cleanse and kept up with 2-4X maintenance cleanses yearly, or has evidence of not needing to cleanse by exhibiting the 3-5 'custard like' bms daily that are natural & healthy for us)...this is likely to be a major part of the root cause.  And since knut87 is using triphala (an herbal combination with laxative effects), if he's having 3-5 bms daily, the triphala has some involvement (and that means, like most of adults, there is likely a substantial build-up of various types of putrefying debris plastered to the walls of the colon).

Onward - has "science" (for those who need that kind of confirmation), ever found or noted anything similar (colon congestion causing a varicocele.  Back to Google (searching on colon, varicocele).  Wow, first link?! Chronic Constipation as a Causative Factor for Development of Varicocele in Men: A Prospective Ultrasonographic Study -- Turgut et al. 26 (1): 5 -- Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine   Of COURSE, we know that "their" idea of chronic constipation is likely crazy (something like 1-2 natural bms a week, or less :::sigh:::), because they think 3-4 bms weekly is "healthy" (omg, no wonder we have SO much colon cancer and disease).  And we also know (from the diagram above) that the right side looks just as close to the ascending colon as the left side looks to the a varicocele on either side could be caused by pressure on the spermatic cord by the colon.

It sounds like knut87 is fairly young, and it's pretty uncommon to see nutritional deficiencies severe enough to cause such a strong loss of 'cord integrity' (but it is possible).  It seems to me like the first order of business (which is something we all need to do anyway) is a good colon cleanse (30 days minimum).

If there is a deficiency resulting in any varicosity, it would likely be calcium (and yes, calcium deficiencies ARE common in those taking rock/shell based supplements).  Dr. Christopher's recommendation would be to use his Herbal Calcium formula internally, and then he had a WONDERFUL addition for topical treatment.  One takes White Oak bark (ultra high in calcium at around 37,000 ppm and one of the strongest astringents in the plant kingdo!) and uses it to make an ultra strong tea (say, 1-2 cups of White Oak bark to a 1/2 gallon of water) - bring it to a boil, cover it and let it simmer for a few hours.  Then strain out the bark, uncover the pot, and let it simmer until one has the consistency of say, Elmer's Glue.  Let that cool.  Then take a small paintbrush and "paint" the varicocele and surrounding area with several (I think it was eight?) coats of the 'white oak bark glue'...allowing each coat to dry completely before adding the next coat.  When completely dry, cover it fairly snugly with a natural fiber cloth and secure it (a jock strap should be enough) and keep it dry for several days until the 'herbal glue' absorbs through the skin thoroughly to work it's healing.    (And yes folks, this will work on small varicose veins in the legs, etc.  And White Oak bark tea is a fantastic enema for hemorrhoids, as well).

knut87, run all this past your 'doctor within' and if you decide to do either or both, another thing I suggest is to do a castor oil pack on the area nightly.  Castor oil packs are known to "decongest", and even though I doubt that this would lead to a permament resolution, I do think it might be something that would 'relieve symptoms' while you're doing the cleanse...and take some pressure of that cord.  Castor oil is sometimes 'crazy miraculous' - it might 'do the trick' all by itself (but it might be a temporary fix).

Still, everyone needs to do a complete and thorough colon cleanse (and keep up on maintenance cleansing).  If you're thinking about doing some liver cleansing, it's ESSENTIAL to colon cleanse first (here's a quick overview  of "why that is: + colon cleansing before/during liver flushing info Re: Intestinal Formu... )

'Hope this information has provided you with good healing information.  And my apologies for the long delay in response-time (I'm slammed!).

Healthiest of blessings,




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