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Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief
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Published: 11 years ago

Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief

Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief

I believe the main reason for many of us have Arthritis and lesser for males having peyronies (I suspect that women have c-patch placement around or within the vagina zone – anyway -- both discomforts do come from our immune system and its persistent placement of c-patches in and around skelton body parts (see details below). The below information applies for both Arthritis and peyronies suffers alike. The main reason our immune system has selected skelton body zones for placement of calcium-based material is the immune system has declared these areas to be damaged zones – and in immediate need of repair (see specific reason why below). I also do believe that BVT treatment is the easiest, surest and best means of removal of c-patches for both Arthritis and peyronies suffers. And for the people really afraid of getting pricked or cut please remember -- A bee´s stinger is not more than a 1mm long dart, and much smaller then any doctors´ knives or needles!
I am new here, but not new to peyronies. I have experimented with Bee Venom Self treatments since 2000. It took a full year to get rid of peyronies, but in the end all worth it. The below procedure is the easiest to apply with great results after 6 months. It will not benefit one to apply more bee venom doses for quicker results, for i tried that. The below method works the best, and is the least painful. If you need to reduce the pain, just use ice cube 2 minutes before injecting stinger. To catch bees, use glass jars with metal tops, punch a few holes. one bee per jar. To handle bees, open jar lid and sling bee into water bath and capture with tweezers. Practice on your top of one finger to get the stinger to pass through the skin layer. That is about all to get peyronies relief, short of a doctors knife.
What is peyronies (kw) disease? Is the percentage of men getting peyronies more than 3% of the population, as reported by medical industry? Are peyronies and arthritis (kw) diseases similar to heavy plaque calcification (kw) formations in the body? Are peyronies and arthritis true diseases or ´old age´ pain zones?
According to medical industry there is no known cure to peyronies, also known as ´bent penile.´ There are lots of websites on the subject penile repair, mostly linked to medical doctors pitching their preferred medical medicines or surgical recommendations. Several active bulletin boards on the internet are pitching their favorite doctors and services to the general public. All have given the Bee venom treatment plans a bad report.
There is much of evidence about hard plaque calcification, regarding Arthritis suffers and their long term relief programs via honey bee venom injections. There are thousands of these Bee Venom clinics worldwide.
Since the immune system is basically responsible for placing heavy plaque calcification throughout the body, including the plating of teeth. It is the same immune system that puts heavy plaque calcification deposits on the male penile appendage (kw).
Once the immune system identifies any area a damaged zone, like hands and feet or other skeleton joints of the body, heavy plaque calcification deposits are imminent to keep the body in a state of well being! In other words, when the body receives impacts, internal bruising of sorts, the same immune system begins immediate repairs via patching up within the damaged zone with heavy plaque calcification deposits which I call, ´c-patches.´
With more than 100,000 Honey Bee Venom Self Treatment Therapists (kw) in USA alone; worldwide the numbers must be huge. By searching on the internet many of these clinics called, Bee Venom Treatment (BVT) c enters, can be found!
Unfortunately like medical doctors discussed above, Honey Bee Venom Self Treatment Therapists do charge fees. The cheapest bee venom clinic is in China, charging $18 per session (Kang Tai Bee Clinic.
For arthritis suffers the number of required sessions to achieve some long-term pain relief is expensive. This is generally true for entire BVT industry; fees can be well over $100 each.
Even so, peyronies suffers must start somewhere, even learn how to copy the BVT application process as do insulin suffers.
If interested, go visit Honey Bee Venom Therapist in the local area and make an appointment to receive one bee sting at a time. The target area is top side of penis in the center, avoid any blood vessels. Do not sting anywhere else on the penis. The treatment is one injection in center on penis shaft –always topside-- for 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Do this once a week for 6 months. After 6 months increase dose to 2 beestings, but one bee sting into the two expansion chambers on each side of penis shaft. This can be applied 1 bee sting every 3 or 4 days per week, not at the same time. The bee stinger injection time can be increased from 5 seconds, 10 seconds and after a few months to 1 minute maximum. Please note, it takes 1,200 bee stings to be in critical condition.
Also, removing bee stingers is always by the sliding of one´s finger nail to flip it outward from the penis. Avoid pinching bee stinger with finger tips.
The treatment schedule is once a week. If done by a doctor or BVT specialist the bill could be rather expensive. With all said, it now becomes obvious one must become a Honey Bee Venom Self Treatment Therapist! If one takes time to learn this special skill it could become very useful to family members suffer from Arthritis of hands and feet.
What are the levels of peyronies in men? There are possibly 6 levels total, four are commonly claimed, and two less known. All are due to one´s immune system declaring the penis a damaged zone, followed by immediate c-patch deposition during deflation. And when the penis expansion chambers are activated one only needs to look downward to see the level of distortion.
1. Any major bend extended over the entire length of penile appendage or penis.
2. Any bend in area of penile head.
3. Bumps on the penile shaft called, heavy plaque deposits.
4. Ridges running length of penile shaft called, fibrous plaque deposits (kw)
5. Non-fibrous plaque that sheet entire penile shaft resulting in loss of hardness.
6. Heavy plaque calcification fractures, breaking penile shaft into several smaller links.
There are few useful documentation linking arthritis and peyronies diseases on the internet.
Simply speaking, the immune system has chosen to repair all internal bruising within the body with heavy plaque calcification deposits. These deposits are laminates of calcification deposits, to include plaque on teeth, fingers or toes joints.
The immune system seeks a state of well being when not protecting the body for infections of all kinds. When immune system is alerted it goes directly to the -- damaged zones, and it will place c-patches 24 hours a day.
It takes the immune system many years of laying c-patches in any declared damage zone, and it takes Honey Bee Venom Therapy only a few months to remove all signs of c-patches put on by the immune system!
To keep it simple the immune system makes these c-patches out of excess calcium within body. The state of well being is always the goal of the immune system. Therefore easy repairs of internally bruised areas, due to work or play, receive c-patches. The laying down of these c-patches by the immune system is long-term and will not stop! In the case of Arthritis of hands and feet, distortions are both visible and painful. In the case of the penis, the same conditions c-patch placement s apply.
The process of injecting honey bee stingers releases venom into the selected body parts, in this case the penis. The venom travels across all connective tissues within the penis, so one bee sting is ample venom per application to begin with. The two bee sting method, after six months of one bee sting per week, is to remove all c-patches within the two side expansion chambers on penis shaft.
Basically, the bee venom coats everything in its path like all venoms do in nature. Since the penis is rather isolated extension of the total body mass, all the connective tissues within the penis get contaminated with bee venom—to including many of the laminates of c-patches within the penis structure.
The immune system is alerted and sent to the zone with bee venom contamination to make a determination of the toxin invasion. It immediately selects and removes all free moving bee venom toxins within all connective tissues of penis structure. But when it comes to removing the bee venom contaminated c-patches laminates-- the immune system cannot separate the venom for c-patches are not living tissues, only inorganic matter. Since many of the laminates are tinted or coated, all contaminated c-patches get removed by the immune system.
Eventually and after several months of bee sting injections the entire penis area gets devoid of c-patches all together. The results are visible and immediate relief from peyronies occurs.
Honey Bee Venom Treatment Therapists have known the link between bee venom injections and arthritis relief. Maybe this same group will take a more serious look at the above folk bee venom treatment plan and begin treatments plans of their own for peyronies suffers.




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