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Update~ Re: Strep throat for a week, what else can I do? + edit
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Published: 8 years ago
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Update~ Re: Strep throat for a week, what else can I do? + edit

Hi Uny,

Well I got tested! I went to a clinic/hospital, did not have to wait AT ALL- literally I was the first one in, and what a relief! The staff told me that last week it was hell for them too, meaning I would have waited for hours just as I had at the other places.

I don't have strep. That's the good news. PHEW!
My plan was not to take Antibiotics even if it was, as I know my system can't handle it. I really felt confident that whatever it was would respond to garlic and oregano oil. The doc thinks it's a virus. Well whatever the heck of a virus it is, it sure GOT me big time!

I feel a bit better physically- I walked all afternoon, to the clinic, the health food store and some food shopping. I am tired and my head/eyes are still foggy/hurting and the rest of me too, but I'm relieved. I'm so used to being sick that I can never tell if what I have is worse than usual, different, or cause for more concern. It's maddening most of the time! I bought some local echinacea/anti-viral blend that has helped me in the past, so I will take that for now, along with garlic and hope to continue improving.

It bothers me that two doctors would have put me on Antibiotics last week without doing a culture. If I had not been so adamant that I was not taking drugs, I would have taken them for no reason. It shows you where modern medecine is going. The doctors were so swamped that they barely had time to listen to my others concerns either. I asked the physician I saw today to do a full blood profile, so I will do that as soon as I can too.

I know I still have major issues that need healing. As always, there have been so many factors getting in the way/preventing me from realizing true health. It's been touch and go for a long time. I feel like this experience in the last week has taught me a lesson, and I must learn from it. I remember last week when I was feeling so down and so low physically/emotionally- I just said to God as I was walking home from the clinic- if this is what's going to take me- let it take me. NOT that I want IT to take me! No not at all. I am just tired of the way things have been going. I am tired of losing at this, and fighting the same battles over and over and covering my bases. I deserve more that this, I know. I have to figure this out.

I need to make orders that I have been putting aside. My brain has short windows of actually working and I am going to work on this as I can. It's more a question of logistics than me not wanting to *do what it takes to get well*. But I can't wait forever, you know? I can't stall my life and my health. It just doesn't work that way.

Thank you for still allowing me to come here and get advice and help. I am learning more everyday- and I am greatful for all the experiences I have had, as I know I have become a more compassionate person because of them.



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