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Re: Tardive Dyskinesia and Medical Care for Tender-aged Children and Kids - Further Information
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Tardive Dyskinesia and Medical Care for Tender-aged Children and Kids - Further Information

Further Information

For your further information, for the majority of people seeking helps from me for their Blepharospasm / chronic eyelid twitching / eye blinking disorders, they mostly get such disorders from the negatively disastrous neuromuscular side effects of the related medications with strong neurological side effects that disrupt the normal functionings of the synaptic activities of the neurotransmitters chemicals dopamine of their eye nerves, thus causing all the abnormally rapid eyelid twitchings / eye blinkings. In such a connection, since the neurotransmitters chemicals produced by the nerve cells / neurons are totally transparent while their eye nerves / brain cells remain undamaged, the MRI / CT-scannings would thus not be able to show and detect anything abnormal and unusual at all for their Blepharospasm / chronic eye blinking / eyelid twitching disorders, and then almost in all cases, their Blepharospasm / chronic eyelid twithcing / eye blinking disorders would then be labelled "accordingly" as "undiagnosable" / "unexplainable" by the related mainstream medical personnel, and then they are suggested to get surgery / perpetually continual Botox injections to deal with such chronic neuromuscular and visually-incapacitating disorders. Whilst in this case, my suggested totally needle-free acupuncture / acupressure method would work effectively in such scenarios.

In the meantime, the main themes of my related posts are made purely and 100 % totally for charity purposes completely on humanitarian grounds.

Nonetheless, I still would like to take this opportunity to emphasize that, in terms of medication-induced Tardive Dyskinesia, well, no matter how curatively effective my suggested totally needle-free acupuncture / acupressure cure (as elaborated in great details in the prior posts above) is, as proven by countless and ongoing proven empirical evidences, precaution is always still better than cure itself especially in the case of the small kids / children as well as the fragile and senile old people whose immune systems are far less developed than the grown adults (for small kids / children) and seriously deteriorating (for the fragile and senile old people) on account of certain curative limitations of that suggested totally needle-free acupuncture / acupressure technique as explained in the related prior post above especially the problems with the congenital / genetical Blepharospasm / chronic eyelid twitchings / eye blinkings that are present at births .

Tardive Dyskinesia :


(A New Version For The Totally, Self-administered, Totally Needle-free, Totally Free-Of-Charge, Simple Painless, Harmless Acupuncture / Acupressure Cure For Non-stop Persistent Rapid Eyelid-twitching / Eye-blinking - Meant For Promptly Immediate, complete & Once-and-for-all treatments)

(Another Recent Online Third-party Testimonial About The Acclaimed Efficacies of The Suggested Self-administered, Totally Needle-free, Totally Free-of-charge, Painless, Harmless, Simple Acupuncture / Acupressure Method & Appealed Humanitarian Causes For The Numerous Poor And Needy Others )

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