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Re: All dental implants are a flawed concept? Microgap around the implants.

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: All dental implants are a flawed concept? Microgap around the implants.

I empathize with you.
We can go on for months & pages about how much these crappy dentists try to rip us off & how sometimes they succeed, & we are left in paid, with a bad tooth & they REFUSE to fix it.

Personally, just recently I have found a dentist I like & trust for the most part.

Even found an HONEST ENDODONTIST who actually admitted that if I had the root canal it would not ever be permanent--I basically quoted you what he said to me--nothing placed in the mouth is ever permanent.
He even discussed the costs over a lifetime are similar to implant or bridge if you consider that all root canals will need to be redone someday.

Because I did not want to go through the high maintenance of a major molar having a root canal, I had it pulled. I now have NO PAIN.

And I am leaning towards implant--not bridge. Because of the research I have read, personally, I feel if done properly, the implant is the better way to go. Personally I can't justify risking 2 other teeth for 1--then you have a missing real tooth, and 2 others that are DEFINATELY compromised--no matter what they try to tell you.

I lean more towards natural, but my dentist sees no issue with amagam fillings, but offers BOTH because some people just don't want Amalgam anymore-And just this fact--that he offers BOTH is a GREAT START.

Your dentist doesn't have to prescibe to your same holistic belief--he just needs to carry the products you want & be able to properly use them.

As far as the micro space--anything you put in your mouth is gonna have a microspace.

Read the research on the nasty bacteria that reside inside of a root canal. I didn't want to lose the tooth, but couldn't do the rootcanal. I was in the chair, made the appt, but it never sat right with me after reading about root canals.

Proper oral hygiene is what you've got to practice--you mouth will always be full of bacteria & enzymes--because it is supposed to be--that's what breaks down the food after our teeth rip it to shreads. Your mouth is not supposed to be a sterile environment.

A sterile mouth is not a healthy mouth.

Now cavities & rotten teeth--those do harbor very bad bacteria--that is different. That you do not want.

Everything is a balance, and everything has some degree of maintenance.

My personal experience is that the farther up the holistic dental ladder I went, the more BS I got fed about what it was that I needed, and they were mostly very pushy sales people. I felt like I was at a used car lot with $$ taped to my forehead.
They sold pre-paid packages of this & pre-paid packages of that--& everything they had was absolutely necessary for a healthy mouth...
The materials an ADVERTIZING holistic dentist uses do not cost any more than the regular ones--but the prices are sky high for the 'label'--
A holistic dentist schooling does not cost more--So why are the prices so sky high???

Hint--if the dental office looks like a boutique replete with digital tv's in every room--you are paying more for THAT than for the materials to go into your mouth--it's a gimmic.

Do the research--try an appt at a dental school-get the bad tooth yanked & you've got plenty of time to make a decision on implant v/s bridge. You're not supposed to get either one right away especially if it's a molar.

Like I said--find a good dental school at a university in your area--go there & get the tooth yanked & ask questions about implant v/s bridge-they're not gonna try to sell you--they are trying to learn-if you're too worried to let a student do it, well--their teachers ARE DENTISTS WITH PRACTICES--

Find someone who offers what you want-the materials you want used-& stop worrying about the label placed on it...

...because technically speaking, mercury is ALL NATURAL...
See what I mean?

I'm trying to get you to not be so sketchy about it, you obviously need something done about it, you're probably in pain--I was too--so stop going to the vultures & go to the source of information--the university where they teach dental medicine.

IMHO--don't stress about the bacterial micro gap. Get the dead tooth out & make a decision on implant v/s bridge.

As far as implant, apparently surgical titanium or something is used & the bone grows around it naturally, you don't usually need any bone grafting unless you have severe damage, & a fake tooth is skrewed to it, and usually this is the part that fails with time, just due to use, and that's all you'd have to replace, but I have known one person who's skrew came out as well, but his was done 10 yrs ago, and despite the fact that he is almost 30, he sucks his thumb & it was a front tooth...

I know of more people who have issues with their bridges-especially not fitting properly-and people who've had them fail completely--actually everyone I know who's had a bridge has had an issue-and apparently dentists like to tell you that they fit just fine even if you FEEL it doesn't. And apparently you are just supposed to agree after the 3rd adjustment...

So for me, it's probably either implant or hole in my mouth until a better technology comes about.

But root canal was OUT, and so is my tooth ;)


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