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My progress so far...
johnchristopher Views: 2,591
Published: 11 years ago

My progress so far...

Hi guys,

Well I've been aware of this forum for a while now, and since I've recently been seeing some progress I thought I would share. Around six weeks ago my lips were probably as severe as any of those images posted here, though the peeling area was confined to my lower lip and only the very centre of my top lip. Right now my lips look pretty much normal, every few days there is some noticeable dry skin peeling but its very thin compared to how it used to be. They are better now than they have been in at least 3 years. I'll be brief and list the changes I made to get here - though which change has had the most effect I'm not sure.

1. I quit using balms/mosturisers altogether. For the last five years of my life I have carried lip balm round with me at all times - I even slept next to it. Sad I know. After quitting they seemed to get worse before they got better, but stick with it because I think not being dependent on balms makes a massive difference.

2. I stopped picking/peeling/biting all the time. This is hard, especially when you have massive chunks hanging off and you need to go out. My approach was to stop doing it absent mindedly - but allow myself to surgically remove bits with a pair of nail scissors (think someone has mentioned that before on here) in the mirror. I quite liked the theory about this condition being a form of callous - I have them on my hands and just like my lips when I shower or bathe they turn white and can be peeled off. So this kind of made sense. Again just stopping this bad habit is probably a good idea regardless.

3. I improved my oral hygiene. I started brushing thoroughly twice a day. I used to only brush in the morning. Yes, I know this is disgusting lol.

4. I started using a cream before bedtime (after 4 weeks of no creams or balms at all). I don't want to mention brand names, since I agree with others that certain unscrupulous companies (Blistex I'm looking at you) seem to be posting fake positive posts on these kind of forums. I used Blistex and others like it for years and it didn't do shit, so this annoys me in particular. The cream I'm using contains Phenol and Aromatic Solution. Now I know I said I quit using balms and creams but my justifications is: a) from what I understand this stuff is antibacterial rather than moisturising and b) I use it ONLY once per day, before bed. And I apply it very liberally. This means when I wake up in the morning my lips feel great, so I'm pretty sure its a good idea. Also I'm not dependent on it, I can go without it if I forget, and I certainly don't need to carry it round with me.

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