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fungihomeworld Views: 4,359
Published: 8 years ago

..particles cleared from blood?

maybe...maybe not. need to do a lot more looking..

this seems a bit too "coincidental"..

for over a year have been finding tiny translucent
particles in pretty much every one of dozens of blood
samples. [blood drops on slides/check with microscope]

appx a month ago..started taking olive leaf extract, fairly
hefty doses..760 mg /capsule..capsule about every 6 hrs.
...after a few days, urine got extremely turbid, could not
see thru even a small sampling glass.
When allowed to settle...there was a LOT of solids." Under microscope exam, the "silt" was translucent
particles...[and some other assorted trash..fibers, rods..etc]

How..curious. Ordered a larger batch of OLE. Same sequence of events..after a few days..the urine turned
"chalky" again..settles..and voila...40 percent particulate
[measured this time!]. Particles were..the same translucent
bits that are always in the blood and lesions.

...took a peek at about 8 blood samples today..
the blood was..surprisingly clear. Seemed strange to see
blood with so few particles. I think I saw..2? particles.
...hmm...collected HUGE amounts of translucent particles in
the urine..and now..the blood is much clearer.
[or else
I had spectacular luck in only picking clean blood drops today...]

??the OLE somehow pried loose the particles from the blood? can this work? big a particle can the kidneys
filter anyway?. To get into the urine, the cystals had to
transit the huge numbers. Or...perhaps the crystals precipitated in the bladder?

Dont think that the silt is OLE crystals that don't dissolve and transit into the blood thru the gut wall..or I
would be seeing them every time I dosed with OLE..that's not what is happening. It's more like a "flushing" cycle.

Like I a lot more looking to do..but..maybe

"this ...means...something..."

*continues to make towering mountain out of his mashed potatoes*

..names for the "crystal particles" tends to change
as time goes by.."lego blocks" "crystal spores"
"translucent particles"...all refer to the same
thing...the rather pretty crystaline objects
that are everpresent in blood and lesions fluid..
and urine..and have a nasty habit of sprouting fibers.

[posted pics and a short video earlier of these crystalline
objects sprouting fibers in lesion fluid at amazing speeds.] They do not seem to be "benign"...they are up
to some sort of mischief. I have noted that "skizitgesture"( 1.) mentioned that the blitz fibers growing
from these crystals are "bacterial cellulose whiskers".

...cellulose..again. SOME morg fibers have been analyzed
and found to be cellulose. Another "fingerprint" from
the agrobacterium?

1. google "skizitgesture" on Youtube..he has some
amazing Morgellons stuff posted.








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