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Re: How can they be so Stupid?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: How can they be so Stupid?

There is no way you could have thousands of [allegedly]
highly trained "physicians" coming up with the DOP
diagnosis if they were actually using anything resembling
the scientific methodology.

The "medical professionals" have been reduced to
being highly trained parrots. They can only speak that
which they are allowed to repeat by their Guild Masters.[AMA].
To do otherwise is to put their painfully acquired license to practice in extreme jeopardy.

There is and has been a relentless effort by the medical
establishment to treat the "morgellons" phenomena as
something that is not "real". Despite the fact that
anyone that cares to look can see the fibers and artifacts
in the skin with nothing more than a decent magnifying glass/loupe and a bright light, the "physicians" continue
to classify those who complain of "fibers coming out of the
skin" as delusional. A "medical professional" can simply
evade the whole issue by insisting that any fibers that are
seen in the skin or lesions were placed there by the
delusional patient. And since the patient is clearly delusional, the good doctor can make their annoying problem go away. Go see the head shrinkers.. I can't do
anything for you. If you try to see me again, bad things
could happen." Problem solved! Next?

One does wonder what the good "shrinks" are making of thousands of DOPpers being dropped on their doorstep. Well..not
really, they are in on the racket too. Everyone makes money in this game. "Would you like some powerful mind altering medications? Of course you would, you will feel so much better!"

There is NO way that someone can get
through medical school plus the additional training in the
Dermatology or Psych specialty with that kind of low IQ thinking.
And it seems that most of the "derm docs" are doing exactly
that...strategic stupidity. Nothing they see is "real"..or
better yet..don't even look. The two derm docs I endured
wrote me off as delusional..without anything remotely resembling a proper examination. Ten seconds stare and
"here, you need to talk with someone on this list [of shrinks] you'll feel better". Since when can microscopic
dermatophytes or bacteria or "whatever" be ruled out on
the basis of a quick look with the unaided eye? It can't.
No one knows this better than the Derm Docs. The fact that
most, if not all of them are going to "stupid/blind" mode
is pretty clear evidence that they are all following the same script. They are doing what they are being told to do. No doubt the folks running the AMA are being told what to tell their members by various gov't agencies in the continuing attempt to stonewall the "morg issue."
The clock ran out on the bogus CDC "unexplained dermopathy"
research..then the whole bag of worms got handed to the
US Army Pathology lab. The "Sergeant Schultz" defense..
CDC knows nothing..and the Army ain't talking.

With the array of technology and brainpower available at the National Laboratories level
there is no way that "no one knows nothing". "Someone" set off this disaster. Perhaps
the trigger was GMO's..maybe a bioweapons test..perhaps
deliberate sabotage. The "peasant lab rats" may never know. So long as the government agencies
at the highest levels
are content to allow this "research blackout" and the
"morgs is a mental illness" disinformation program to
continue..nothing much will change. It is clear that
the lack of help is not due to "stupidity"'s deliberate
and calculated indifference to cover up the malicious
actions of...any number of possible perps.

** It does not escape my notice that the linked
Psychiatry Online .org article in the previous post
references "morgellonswatch" as a further resource.

An anonymously hosted morg disinformation site..
being cited by "psychiatrists" as a source of
objective information....all quite legitimate.
Nothing prejudicial here at all, citizen.


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