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Re: how come no one talks about rifes machines on here?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: how come no one talks about rifes machines on here?

Hi Billie bob , MZ pretty much explained it , but I might try to simplify......the zapper is basically designed to electrocute worms and parasites etc in the body.....a Rife can target many types of specific bacteria , viruses , spirochettes , worms , etc etc.....Rife found that any life form has a frequency that it gives off or lives with , by reproducing this in a counter productive frequency it would be destroyed or by finding the freq it could be increased for good flora and fauna or can be shocked and burnt or killed......kind of over simplified but a general idea as to the therory.....the zappers do work , but persistant problems might need deeper penetration and the Rife goes deeper.....
I have done both and still doing zapping , you can buy a Rife type machine for about $400 to 500 if you investigate....look on Ebay for a Frequency Generator and then find a Freq Counter to stabilize the freq and find the correct freq listed in the CAFL don't need to spend $2000 to 8000......
The only draw back to this type system is have to dial in the freq....then stabilize it through the counter then zap for 7 min then find next freq , stabilize then zap etc etc it's quite time consuming.....I set mine up with foot plates , so I could sit back and zap , change freq then zap over and over while watching Tv , my hands were free to change channels etc....the drawback is it is NOT portable.....each box weighs about 20 to 40 lbs , so you have to set it up and leave in one place ( I have an unused bedroom I use as a computer room so set it up in there.....I use metal plates with old socks covering the plates , sprinkle the socks with salt water (( Sea Salt or epsom salt))in tubs to hold drips....then set my feet on these....that makes it easier then holding copper pipe....
works good , I solved a problem with Lyme with this method....keep reading and gathering info on Curezone , I have found several methods that help , internal cleansing , ionic foot baths , vitamins and minerals (supplementation forum), Colloidal Silver , etc ....just keep educating yourself.....2 yrs ago I was told I would be dead in 3 weeks if I didn't do chemo....I'm still here.....
Hope this HELPS.....Richard

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