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Re: Long Term Effects of MMS1 and MMS2
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Long Term Effects of MMS1 and MMS2

This simply is not true.
Yes, the mms is acidic - it actually tastes like an acid. It is because of the lemon, citric acid or vinegar you put in order to start the neutralizing reaction that creates the chlorine dioxide.

You just have to put in more acid (lemon for instance) in order to consume all of the sodium chlorite in the neutralizing reaction. Sodium chlorite is harmful to the human, so you have to make sure that it is all consumed in the neutralizing reaction with lemon (creating chlorine dioxide - mms). What you have left is some lemon (that is left after reacting with sodium chlorite) and chlorine dioxide - a final product of the reaction.
What you want is that after the reaction there is some lemon left, and no more harmful sodium chlorite, not the opposite. So it has to be acidic. If it is not acidic, don't drink it - you probably forgot to put in some lemon (or citric acid ).

So mms is acid because of the lemon leftover.

According to what you say implies that lemon causes cancer?

What makes mms so unique are its properties as an oxidant with exact oxidation power - enough to oxidize anaerobic organisms (virus, bacteria), but not enogh power to oxidize human cells. It is a weaker oxidizer than oxygen you breathe, so it is less harmful than oxygen!

Regarding the concentrations - everyone who has tried mms (you probably have not) knows, that it has unpleasant taste with higher (recommended amount) concentrations. This is not the case at lower doses.

The above mentioned clinical test report states, that tested subjects (people) claimed that it had bad taste at higher concentrations.
So clearly, the concentrations were comparable.
You have to admit that there is no bad taste of chlorin dioxide in drinking water, so the concentrations during test had to be higher than those of used in water.
And on the other side - when drinking mms at lower (recomended) concentrations there is also no bad taste.
So this means that the concentrations of mms and the test are roughly comparable.

The test clearly states that there is no negative effect on humans. If it was harmful, they would have to find something and stating that at lower dosage it is not an issue, so it is possible to use it in drinking water.
However, this is not the case.

I know a lot of people drinking mms (including me) and none of them claims any negative effects on their health. Benefits are enormous.

No one has died of using mms despite its huge healing potential.
Millions of people die because of prescription drugs every year, and the healing effects are in many cases at least questionable.

Please stop misleading people.

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