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Re: Shit's too depressing man!!!!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Shit's too depressing man!!!!

Hello 122946 and others;

I just happen to take a break from some final exams to come to the site, tell me is your odor like rotten eggs or is it fecal? Sometimes people have rotten eggs smells and they mistake it for fecal. If it is rotten eggs that means it could be something wrong with your sinuses. Sometimes certain particles can get into your sinuses, I had a rotten egg smell for the longest timeI thought it was my body but it was my sinuses,  and once the sinus infection went away the odor went away. I do still manage my sinuses and take the Braggs a lot when I feel one coming on, taking it with water helps keep them at bay. Especially if you have burning pain in your sinuses and dryness. Taking certain herbs can help and using sinus nasal spray can also help keep the sinus clean, it keep the particles out of your nose.  And for those who can't get to a doctor for inflammation medicine taking Bromelian is good for immflamation  and good for pain or any type of inflmmation in any part of the body.

Some may have to get a steroid for inflamed sinuses. Anyone who has problems with sinus infections I would recommend taking braggs apple cider vinegar, or goldenseal, or some echinea. But like I said some may need to use a steroid because inflammation in the sinuses can also make you smell all kinds of things in the sinuses.It makes your sinuses extra sore and hurtful to touch them.

Rinsing the sinuses with a nettie pot will not stop inflammation in the sinuses because they are red and inflammed but if you can't get a steroid try taking moltrin or bromelian for inflammation.  If you can smell other parts of your body and if you don't smell anything trust me if it's not the breath it most likely may be your sinuses. I don't know the nature of your odor but I hope this helps.

And those having problems with fecal smells may need to get their kidneys and liver's checked. But also constipation may cause it too. Eating fiber,taking probiotics,flaxseed oil in large doses or get the flaxseeds in the  bag they have it at Walgreens and even at Walmart., vitamin C,Olive oil, Super B Complex, and zinc. Also in the rectal area(if it there is an anal fissure) But for anyone with anal fissures olive oil there will help heal it for sure.And taking multiple vitamins with any supplements will help but things in the body we may be missing. If anyone has decided to take antifungals take Capyrilic acid with it because it works well on yeast, and also because it helps balance the the antifungal,otherwise the antifungals will hurt your stomach or do harm to your teeth.

 And stay away from sugar, and drinking green teamay also helpful. If you take probiotics take  a lot, don't do just one a day. The ones at GNC  are really good with the extra strains, they don't even have to be refrigerated. The 2 billion are good too. And for those who can't smell themselves  get a good sinus nasal spray (they are cheap) and see if maybe your sinus need cleaning out so that you can.

 Seeing the doctor for any internal problems is good too. Especially GI doctors because it could be something in the bowel area. And those who have never cleansed should start cleansing out the  colons. I read on a site that Bamboo charcoal soap is good,it's supposed to block odors, I've read on other Tmau forums that some people have been using it. Look it up on google.  Hopefully  this info will  help someone, I don't have all the answers but things that I''ve experience or know about I just try and pass it along, so please be encouraged. I'm sure you will get a break through soon, God Bless.  


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