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Fruit and veggies is the cure
soxfan23 Views: 17,027
Published: 11 years ago

Fruit and veggies is the cure

This is because our bodies are overly acidic. The typical American diet consists of foods that are very slow to digest and just sit in our gut. If you look at a list of foods that are alkaline/acidic forming I'm positive that all of you will notice that you do not eat enough foods from the alkaline side. This accumulates over a lifetime and then you take Antibiotics or suffer from a weakened immune system for whatever reason and boom the candida starts to thrive.

I was on the anti-candida diet for almost a month rotating all anti-fungals and saw very little to no improvement.

I've now been on the all fruit and veggie diet for 4 days and yesterday was the first morning I woke up with some hope and felt a flash of being normal after only 3 days. I did slip a bit and ate some cottage cheese which instantly fed the candida and my anxiety and heart palpitations started up again.

I switched over to this diet as I realized it's nonsense that there are so many people on the typical false anti-candida diet that go untreated and let months and sometimes years of their lives slip away.

You cannot eat fat on this diet. Not even coconut oil which I was eating spoonfuls a day of. That is because most of the Sugar will not reach your cells and instad will be feasted upon by candida. If you can't afford to lose weight on this diet, then I suggest you pile on your calories through bananas which are also extremely alkaline and high in fiber. If you begin to crave for something else then boil some potatoes or even some shrimp although shrimp is on the acidic side.

I strongly recommend investing in a juicer to supply your cells with nutrients.

This is also the same diet that cures cancer and should be done for a few weeks each year to clean your system and give your digestive system a break. It's funny to me now that people are so quick to give their car an oil change but don't feel it's necessary to give their own engine a boost.

Also supplement yourself with a calcium/magnesium/zinc which is super alkaline forming and will also help you as you are most likely deficient in these minerals. As is lemon juice so drink it every morning. Drink Pau D'arco tea, and take your natural anti-fungals to help speed up the process.

I'll admit I was very close minded when I first found out about this protocol and thought there was no way but this is the way to free yourself from excess candida. It's very difficult at first as foods are addictive, but your body will adjust as it did with the "anti-candida" diet and you will be back to living a normal life.

If you believe in God, then realize God doesn't want us to suffer and start wars over him or else he would be here on earth in human form but what he wants is for us to help ourselves by expanding our self-awareness. God tests us. That is why there are so many different races as he tests our ignorance. Fruits and veggies are his gift to us. This diet is not the best choice for daily life and it's even alright to eat cookies or burgers but know your limits. What I've learned from suffering from candida is self-control and not to overindulge as anything in excess is addictive and can become habit forming.

You may not feel better immediately as there will still be fat in your blood stream when you begin but you will see improvements within a couple days and you will see more candida in your stools than ever before.

Here's a good site to get you started:

God bless.

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