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Re: Issue 8: Taming the Beast; My Progress - Multiple Sclerosis
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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Issue 8: Taming the Beast; My Progress - Multiple Sclerosis

Yeah, I never had Amalgam fillings, I did not have any fillings until. I was 36, So...8 years ago, so 2002. BUT! when I had a "problem" wisdom tooth removed I saw my body temperature normalize, and that as well as a few other cvhanges helped me,. hopefully will help others:

I was diagnosed at age 31, in 1998. by 2000 I was no longer capable of working. By 2001 I was bedridden most of the time, crawling to the bathroom, my mother was doing most of my laundry and cleaning my home. in 2001 ALL sight left my right eye, and as happens often with MS, it returned, but not completely over the next couple months. to 20/1000 vision.

My neurologists told me I would NEVER see better out of that eye than 20/1000, and it was likely to get worse, and the other eye likely was not far behind.

Well, TODAY (and for most of the last8 years) I have had 20/40 vision in that eye, I am no longer bedridden, and at least from time to time, I have days where 2-8 hours I feel as I used to before the MS started.

Here is what I did:

STOPPED drinking milk, or eating ANYTHING with milk IN it (cream and butter are ok). Why? Leading MS researchers have determined that there is a substance in milk called: butyrophilin, it causes the body and immune systems of people who have MS to attack myelin. NOW, I stopped for a YEAR, now I only am careful HOW much milk intake I have in spring and fall (I have some seasonal allergies which is also a possible aggravating factor w/ MS. So I try to minimize any substances or behaviors which may contribute to an attack during those seasons especially.

At the same time I stopped milk, I started Omega 3 fatty acids. in the form of: "Nature's Bounty (brand) Flax seed oil". I started at 2/day, as I researched more, I stepped it up to over 7 grams a day (yielding about...3.5 Grams of omega 3's. I got better doing this, I did not NOTICE I was until about 6 months in to taking them, but then saw steady progress, BUT I still had major fatigue issues... uintil recently when I had my vitamin D levels measured and found I was (as are MOST people w/MS) LOW they say 25 is "critically deficient, and want to see about 50+... mine was at 12. SO my doc put me on 10,000 IU/day for one week, then 10,000 IU 2 times a week for 5 more weeks, then told me to take 2,00 I.U./day, but I started to feel myself slowly having more and more fatigue again... so I just stepped it BACK up to 10,000 IU/day (40,000 a day can get into toxic levels, so 10,000 seems like it would be ok for a while, I'll likely try stepping back down in a few months.)

Also if you start on vitamin D, you NEED d_3_ not just d... but D3. AND if WHEN you start the D3, you notice odd little pains in both soft and hard tissues of your body, you are also likely Magnesium deficient. And should also supplement w/ magnesium. If you do NOT get little pains that you had not had before... your magnesium levels arte probably ok, and you should skip that.

I also take a vitamin B complex so I get all the B12 and B6 and B3 and B1 my body needs. Be careful tho if you do this, be sure you are not taking too much, one or more of the B's can build up in your system, and become toxic.

Of course work with whatever medical professional you have, and if they're dense... get one who is not. Mine is a Nurse Practitioner, and DAMN the woman is SMART! NOT like many of the docs I have dealt with before... she's a LITTLE more enamored of the drug co.'s than I'd like, NOT that they're ALL all bad, but most are at least a BIT bad or totally greedy/corrupt..... I like fixing PROBLEMS and addressing UNERLYING causes not "treating symptoms".

I mean if you had a slow leak in your car tire, and there was OBVIOUSLY a nail in the tire, would YOU ffollow the advice of a "car expert" if they said to "just leave the nail in there, it's sort of holdong the air in there because it caused the hole.... just pull over every now and then and put 2 quarters in the pump and pump any air back in that has managed to leak out".

OR would you think, "OMG, s/he's a m*o*o*n!" and find a car person who would PLUG, patch, or otherwise REPAIR the tire?

Me? I'm the latter option kinda gal.

Anyway, hope someone benefits. (besides me, all I have remaining is SOME fatigue I expect to totally clear in the next few months, and some issues around tingling/burning in right leg that is somewhat intermittent, also when I went to the SS doc he tried to do that thing where they test reflexes by hitting the knee area w/ a tiny medical "hammer" and the right leg did NOTHING. now, possible he did not hit the right spot... I seem to be able to get it to go, and it's always been a tad OVER reactive rather than NON reactive...but it's not "right" yet... so that's my next goal... but if it does not get WORSE, it's totally deal with-able.


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