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4th flush. Experiences and feedback

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straightflush Views: 1,551
Published: 11 years ago

4th flush. Experiences and feedback

Long time reader, first time poster.

I'm a 38 year old male. History of skin problems, constipation, joint pain, hair loss, low energy, food intolerances , but never any liver/gallbladder pain.

i've done everything over the years like most of us. Nothing has worked and my symptoms are slowly piling up as I get older. I've learned many things over the years like not looking at illness or not feeling 100% as a linear thing- meaning A doesn't necessarily equal B. The body is not usually linear, its more like a web where one thing affects a seamingly unrelated thing and it makes detective work very difficult. I've learned that MD's are a pain in the ass and sometimes even dangerous. I wouldn't go to an MD if I had cancer, but I would if I broke a bone. Their value is limited and they a lot of them mean well. You must take personal responsibility for your own health. In my case, that means research, quitting my last remaining bad habits, self-awareness, etc. I've learned in my case that it is best to use a mult-faceted approach meaning total body cleansing, good diet, and good thoughts/stress relief. Last, but not least, no man is an island. We all need a shoulder to lean on. Thanks to all of you who have helped me.

it took me a long time to finally get all the pieces in place that finally triggered my first liver flush. I used the Hulda Clark method to a tee. It was what I would say to be successful. I was doing the Arise and Shine Colon Cleanse for about three weeks up until and through the first one. I felt crappy all that day. I didn't get nautious, but very drained. Then the second day after it was like i was a new person. My mood was unbelievable. My skin improved and basically cleared up. My second, I used the Andreas method and it was also successful. My third I did a week after my second, didn't do a lot of apple juice/malic acid and I got very nautious about two hours after I downed the OO/GF. It all came back up. I actually flushed a lot of chaff, but very few stones. Now, my fourth. This one I've incorporated a lot of things from Curezone from various people. I encapsulated the ES with "OO" capusles. I took 18 each dose per the Clark method, times and everything. I drank about 8 ounces of water with the caps and no water 20 minutes before/after, but a lot of water to keep hydrated otherwise. I took about (6) 500mg. Malic Acid caps from Vitamin Shopped per day for a week prior to flush day. A couple of apples, but stopped with the apple juice because of all the sugar. I mixed 6 ounces of Classic Coke with 6 ounces of organic Extra-Virgin Olive-Oil and two tablespoons lemon juice. It was difficult to emulsify the OO, in fact it never totally did, but it was surprising how easy it went down. I woke up in the middle dof the night after going to bed at the recommended 10pm, and was slightly nauteous. I drank a small glass of water along with a teaspoon of mashed ginger. That did the trick. Was able to keep it down. I really felt the stones amovin' around unlike my #3, but like the others. Did the ES caps at 6 and 8 AM. Now, this is where I have troubles. Despite all of that magnesium, I remain fairly constipated in the mornings. So, I've incorporated three full bags of pure plain water in an enema bag in the mornings when I wake up. I'm going to do that again in the evening. maybe a coffee enema tomorrow morning then that is it.

What I've read several times from many of you is that every one of the flushes is different. Definitely. Its also like peeling an onion. Definitely. What came out where several quarter sized green colored stones. All of my green stones have always been covered in a layer of beige fatty stuff. Any ideas???? Then the craziest thing came out. it was about 50 green/beige stones that were all clumped tightly together so that they all came out in one big bunch! Crazy. It was about four inches long by about one inch in diameter. I broke it apart and aside from some mucous like stuff it was just as I described. It was a big clump of stones basically.

Does that happen in the intestines? I can't imagine that being from a bile duct. I also saw two orange spongy things, which could have been liver flukes. Number 2 flush produced about five tomato skins. The tomato skin thing remains controversial in terms of are they flukes or not I think, despite pics of them on CZ. Also a lot of mucous. Mainly light brown. Candida?

Anyway, thanks to everyone so far....

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