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gene leakage
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Published: 12 years ago

gene leakage

also described as - horizontal gene transfer

Myself and others have posted in the past on how microflora has been found to communicate not only with, and amongst other microflora, but also with other living cells. I postulated at one point how it was a mutually beneficial interaction and communication system with our environment - enabling a healthier life through *possible* needed *adaptative* responses to environmental change.

In the last 9 months or so, horizontal gene transfer understanding is exploding and for the first time, scientists have conclusively found that a blood sucking *insect* can pass DNA off to the mammals it bites... and then also take DNA from them through their blood... not just exchanging it, but integrating it.

These scientists, and many others had come to the understanding that this communications mechanism, horizontal gene transfer, enables microflora to adapt quickly to changes in their environments. In a word develope Antibiotic resistance when exposed to them. In addition, scientists are postulating that this horizontal gene transfer also drives larger life form adaptations and *evolution*.

In other words... the evolutionary tree has been blown out of the water and what they once described as a vertical *tree*, is now being more accurately described as a *web* - it all went *sideways* with the finding of horizontal gene transfer. And in other words... what they once *thought* or theorized is not... and the whole thing (evolutionary theory and tracing) is now filled with holes - with no real way to conclusively postulate anything to do with *evolution* without considering horizontal gene transfer.

There are many implications to health... that leads one to further support the idea of eating local, and raw, soaked grains, and if cooked, very lightly cooked foods... and it adds fodder to speaking out against GMOs even more strongly.

Overcooked foods, can break this line of cellular communication... and we begin to die or weaken as we lose communications with our environment.

Exceptions to this, with a healthy gut flora, would likely include slow, long cooked (I have cooked mine for 3 - 4 days with vinegar and literally dissolved the bones, fowl, into solution) *nutrient dense* bone broths, stews, and soups... *IF* the bulk of the remaining diet is raw.

There are also profound spiritual, and mental implications that I will not get into here.

You may also reference a post a few down from this one... the connection is clear to me.




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