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reality check: no one is "jumping on your case".
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Published: 9 years ago
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reality check: no one is "jumping on your case".

[quote]Secondly, the link was not bugged. You must of tried the link
when I first put the message up cause I noticed that I typed
ocm and I did correct it after editing
the message seconds later to .com. [/quote]

No, I pointed out the fact that the Properties information
and the URL did not match..about 39 hours after you
posted the link...[see the "by angrymorg 39h" at the top
of my .jpg?]

The .jpg I made of the weirdness
clearly demonstrates that the URL is correct..and
the Properties information for the link do not match;
and is the reason why the URL does not work..a day and
a half after it was posted. If this is NOT a bugged
server page, I congratulate you on your scriipt hacking skills.

Yeah, I confess...I posted a warning about some sort
of failure of the server to properly deal with a URL
correction, resulting in a dead link..a day and a half
after you posted it..and I took the trouble to
make a .jpg illustrating what is going wrong..and
placed a new URL link to bypass the defective "properties"
info being held by the server.

..just to make you "permanently feel like an a-hole".

[ you have any idea how paranoid/neurotic
that makes you sound? ]

I did not make a single remark regarding YOU.

I considered the linked info to be important enough to
assist others in "getting there". Not everyone is going
to be thinking sharply enough to figure out why a correctly
spelled URL is not linking to anything.

As for the first correction I made [pointing out that the
.org needs to be a .com..pray tell how does the following
statment equate to "jumping on your case"?":

[quote]...does not go anywhere...
but if you cut off the .com and paste on
a will arrive safely
at a most interesting destination.[/quote]

...sounds like a supportive statement to me..

and two hours had gone by since you initially posted it...
plenty of time for you to have checked your links.
I discovered the dead links..and posted fixes for
the dead links for the benefit of the scores of folks
that read these threads.

I realize that for some reason you have chosen to
adopt the "identity" of "the angrymorg"..but that
does not give you license to assign evil intent to
others..who have taken pains not to say anything
that could be interpreted as sarcasm..never mind an
Neither myself or any other that
comes here are doing so to be the scratching post
for an "angry whatever". You are not the only one
with "issues"..not the only one to feel pain
and "anger". I don't have a license to lash out
at others that gather here because I "feel bad".

Neither do you.

If you do not wish for others to notice/detect/
fix defects in your page links..then TEST THEM YOURSELF
before leaving the forum.
I have carelessly left
broken links in other forums in the past..which others
found..and posted corrections. What?..they posted corrections to my posts?..Oh yeah..I had a few words for them too..

[ bad..and ..oh yeah.."thank you".]


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