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Re: What happens when you tell the truth about veganism?
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: What happens when you tell the truth about veganism?

>>"Until there is a way to live without causing any death"<<

There isn't... all life, lives upon death, and thus *causes* death... it is the way of things.

Even plants *compete* for a place to grow, choking out other plants.

When produce, of any kind, and grains are grown commercially, land is stripped of all its local flora and fuana in order to make way for the *product*.

That is one of the big issues with stripping the rain-forests down to the soil...

Hundreds, even tens of thousands of plants, bugs, reptiles, rabbits, birds, mice, and other creatures are either killed outright, or made homeless per acre of cultivation... in addition, most often, the soil is *sanitized* and sprayed with all manner of *cides*, eliminating the remaining *pests* along with trillions\zillions of microbial life as well... that we all REQUIRE in order to be healthy.

This is why humic and fulvic acids are being found to be so beneficial\essential to animal\human health along with SBO's, HSO's, probiotics, etc.

Albrecht and other soil scientists were correct... sick soil, sick planet, dead soil... dead planet.

About dietary needs for *individuals*. I already know this, however, one day, food Science *may* discover\acknowledge (publicly - the Science is already done conclusively), that there are many different *sources*, and thus *types* of *complexed* vitamins and minerals... some people are just better able to utilize various forms, whether plant, animal, including dairy and eggs, fowl, or fish, than others.

Those who can utilize plant sources, are more suited to that type of a diet... those who cannot utilize plant sources of nutrition effectively (most everyone can utilize *greens*, omnivores may need to eat healthy animal based fats such as butter or lard, to gain the most out of them), will do much better on animal, dairy, and\or fowl sourced foods.

For instance, there ARE vegetarian sources of vitamin D3 available, but they are DIFFERENT than animal sources of D3 in their complexed forms along with cofactors. *If* an obligatory omnivore is a vegan, and eats plant sources of D3, they may still become D deficient due to their body's inability to make the complex-ed- conversion to the form needed in humans\animals.

Same is true for *every single* nutrient out there.

Veganism, or vegetarianism to *save the planet* is one of the *biggest* single lies there is. It is a gross illusion... and fantasy. In its current commercial state, crop farming is as, or more destructive than commercial animal confinement practices.

If one wants to *save the planet*, change the ENTIRE food industry model, rotate land use with grazing animals in order to use their *natural* fertilizer for future crops, and rest fields once every 7 years at minimum in order to insure a healthy humic rich top soil and microbial life... some of the best sustainable models I have seen actually rest their fields once every 4 - 5 years.

thanks for posting.


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