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Re: Cysts, polyps, fibroids: will iodine act fast enough?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Cysts, polyps, fibroids: will iodine act fast enough?

I think giving Iodine to children in small amounts is OK. The human body has the ability to expell excess iodine. Ie, if you take too much iodine, more than your body can process, you just pee it out. So for a child, one drop of Lugol's in water on an empty stomach is fine. As would be one drop or even two of detoxified iodine.

In fact, I had a friend who had huge fibroids and her doctor wanted her to have a hysterectomy. (3 docs wanted her to). Instead, she shrunk her fibroids with Iodine (and also some pumpkin seeds, for magnesium, and some special fertility muffins made with buckwheat bran, which balances hormones for "A" blood types.) But mostly she used Lugol's iodine, 15% at 2 drops per day, and 1 tsp of Sea Salt each day, because the chloride in Sea Salt enables the body to expel the toxins released by the iodine. The chloride scrapes the bromide off the thyroid. Anyway, my friend got pregnant. When the doctor learned that she was still taking iodine, he told her to stop. She still had fibroids, though smaller now, in her uterus. I asked my doctor, an integrative one, what he thought--could she continue with the Iodine while pregnant? He said, "Yes." My friend went down to one drop Lugols per day--at 2 months pregnant--but then stopped. She was afraid. At 3 months she had contractions and almost lost the baby. I gave her natural progesterone cream, and that stopped the contractions. But here is the thing--from that point on, my friend decided to ignore her doctor. She continued to take 1 drop of 15% Lugol's per day, while pregnant. Becuase she did not want her fibroids to increase while she was pregnant and push the baby out. Because she took the iodine while preggers, the fibroids continued to shrink, and they moved aside, so that they did not block the birth canal, and my friend was, against all expectations, able to give birth vaginally without complications. Today, her baby is a 7 month old unusually smart baby. He could say "mama" at 3 weeks old. At 7 months he is walking, and can say about 10 words. He could fold his hands neatly together at 7 days. He is in perfect health--no complications whatsoever. Just more advanced than most babies. So at least judging from this case, it seems that it's OK to take iodine while pregnant--in large even medicinal doses. Additionally, there is iodine in breast milk--naturally so. Iodine is a food. I do wonder why a child has polyps at 2 years old. The key question to ask is why they are there--look at food and dietary sources and try to identify the source of the toxins that are causing the polyps. Is the child going into swimming pools? Perhaps chlorine is depleting the child's iodine. Perhaps a better water filter (RO) is needed. Is the child eating white bread and processed foods? Is the child getting enough fish and vegetables? Anyway, I think that since a fetus can handle iodine, a child can also--with caution of course!

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