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Re: Explanation of colored fibers in skin
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Explanation of colored fibers in skin

With the arsenal of analytical tools and
brain talent available at the National level,
there is NO excuse for not unraveling the mORg
mystery in short order. At the research laboratories,
gene sequencing is a routine [if expensive] exercise.
The white coat brigade have identified and cataloged
every gene in human DNA..but can't do anything with
a fiber? Puhleeeze.

The only reason that the "Gov't Health Agencies" claim
to be clueless is to provide cover and stall for more time.

"Someone" or groups of "someones" are being protected
by the gov't agencies; they are not doing their job....deliberately. Does the gov't really believe
that if they can only stall long enough..those whiny
mOrg people will go away?...[by dying of
old age if not by mOrg damage]

As for "forcing" a "physician" to use YOUR microscope..
good luck with that. After tongue lashing you for daring
to tell THEM..the "highly trained medical professional" how
to do their job..they will then tell you that they are
not Pathologists and not qualified to use a microscope..
much less YOU. No, you need a referral from the PHYSICIAN to send your nasty bit of skin and clothing lint to the Pathologist...who is an expert in unraveling your
delusional 200-300 dollars per peek [ base charge] "special fees".
.. another 180 dollars for each time a stain or dye is involved.

[yeah.. I was slack jawed in amazement to find that the standard schedule of payments included $180 extra fee for A GRAM STAIN!..the bedrock base level test of bacteria, qualifies as a "special/complex" test. The very FIRST
analytical test learned in high school biology..a test
I have done repeatedly at's not rocket science
people..4 items and about 4 minutes required...
Gram's iodine, crystal violet, safranin and ethly alcohol.
...cost? pennies...but good for nearly $200. added charge..for each specimen.
...street muggers would do sooo much better if only they
stay in school..and learn how to rob people...legally!

None of the "physicians" are interested in knowing their
craft..they just point to other "specialist physicians" to do the digging necessary to find causes..or not.
Either way..everyone gets paid the big bucks..and when you
have the "fail safe" of simply declaring someone to be
"delusional"..even the most annoying pest can be
permanently removed from your office. Keep the cattle
coming through..hit that "taxi meter" every 12 minutes
as per the HMO guidline..
150 dollars per "chat"...every few minutes..that's the
key for a successful practice..

"curing" or "healing" are obsolete concepts. Writing
prescriptions for expensive patent drugs..that's what
doctoring is all about...not investigating the complaints
of screwballs. [that's the Psychiatrist's job..go see him]

Why are you still here? Didn't I give you
the long list of "in house" Mental Health Professionals?
I cannot help you any more...go away..and don't come back.
Bad things will happen if you try to see me again.




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