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Earthing. This is long and I know it's hard, but please read. I think this may help a lot of us.
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Published: 9 years ago
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Earthing. This is long and I know it's hard, but please read. I think this may help a lot of us.

I slept in a tent in my yard for a short amount of time one Summer. I don't' know for how long but it was not very long and I was waking up very refreshed! This never happens with Adrenal Fatigue at least not with mine. I also had energy during the day and felt stronger. I believe it was the sleeping on the earth that was doing it.

I feel better when I am outside but nothing beats sleeping outside. I think you will see the most results with sleeping out there. Maybe some of you could try it if you live in a warm climate. Or maybe some of you have a nice sleeping bag that will keep you warm?

I really think if I had continued that I would be much healthier the more I look into this. I found this site and I realize that some people are sensitive to the earthing mats but what could be better than skipping the mats and just sleeping out in your yard?

Here are a couple of testimonies that lead me to believe this could help the adrenals:

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Earthing Chronicles (First of a Series)

Martin Zucker
Co-author of the Earthing book

As a journalist and health writer for many years, my work has allowed me to interview, and collaborate with, many brilliant doctors and researchers in the world of natural medicine. The books and articles inspired by this privileged exposure have each been labors of love because I came to regard myself as a channel—a middleman, so to speak—for genuine healing knowledge that could benefit the health of others. Now and then a reader took the time to send a note expressing thanks. I can assure you that to receive a message like that, and learn that your work has touched a life, is gratifying beyond description.

In 2008 I met Clint Ober and was inspired to collaborate with him on a book about Earthing. As a writer, I was mesmerized by his story of discovery—the stuff of novels. Clint’s journey, work, research, and above all, single-minded dedication, were clearly touching the lives of many, many people. It was remarkable to me that simply reconnecting to the Earth’s natural, subtle surface energies could significantly restore ailing bodies in many cases. I myself immediately experienced the elimination of an annoying restless leg syndrome when I slept grounded and I saw how Earthing helped give substantial relief for my wife’s back and knee pain. I was hooked! I knew this was something very special and at times, frankly, it made me giddy just thinking that rejuvenation, repair, and relief was as close, simple, and natural as the Earth right beneath our feet. This was nothing less than an eternal, omnipresent gift, a powerful healing secret, from Mother Earth.

As I became increasingly involved in the Earthing book, and talked to many people whose lives were dynamically improved, my sense of marvel and awe just kept growing…and still continues to grow. As I write at the computer, I often look out the window into my backyard, and I laugh to myself: “That ground out there is a treatment table! Isn’t that wild?” That sense of awe and wonder accompanies every word I write or utter about Earthing. When I speak in public, for instance, I usually end my presentations by pointing to the nearest window and telling the audience that the ground out there is loaded with magic that can make you feel better.

The sense of privilege to spread the word about Earthing has never diminished. I am a messenger of Clint Ober’s discovery but even more importantly, a messenger for Mother Earth’s natural healing energy at a time when our society, plagued with chronic illness, is in dire need of a great deal of healing.

When I first started working with Clint he told me the following: “It’s been the responses of people who have gotten better that have kept me going through discouraging times when nobody wanted to believe this was possible.” Nothing has changed in that respect. We, at Earthing “central,” are sustained and uplifted by feedback telling us how lives have been touched when people touch the Earth. I have now heard many stories myself and in this, and the following report, would like to share a few of them received since the Earthing book was published in the spring of 2010.

The first of them is the story of my good friend Katie, a former general counsel at a Fortune 250 corporation. I am posting her story here, in her own words, and at length, as a message of inspiration and hope for individuals who may suffer from lupus or some other debilitating auto-immune disorder. Here’s her story:

“The American College of Rheumatology has established 11 different criteria for the diagnosis of lupus. If you have four of them, you are considered to have the disease. Some are based on physical symptoms, others on blood tests. The bottom line is that lupus is an inflammatory process. You may have inflammation in the joints, and even in all the joints. I personally have had at times both shoulders, both elbows, both wrists, and both knees involved. It is painful to the point where I took aspirin by the handful as well as other painkillers. What I learned is that you don’t get rid of the pain but you do get erosive gastritis and mess up the digestive tract.

“My informal relationship with lupus began in 1999 with kidney dysfunction. The symptoms accumulated to the point where the doctors prescribed an anti-malarial drug for me, which is a first-line medication for dealing with lupus. Why an anti-malarial drug? Because malaria is an inflammatory disease. And lupus is an inflammatory disease. This approach worked for me for about 18 months and kept the symptoms under control.

“Lupus, however, has a bunch of different triggers, and you learn what they are over time. I learned, for instance, that sun exposure could trigger a lupus flare-up. I was living in California and volunteering at a nature preserve, and getting a lot of sun. That was my catalyst for starting down a pharmaceutical road to steroids. At first I could get by with a three-week course of steroids and get my strength and the pain back towards normal. But then the flare-ups got harder and harder to control. And the dosage of the steroids got higher and higher.

“In December of 2009 I experienced another flare-up. In addition to the pain, I was now experiencing debilitating fatigue. That was the hardest part. I could sleep 10 or even 12 hours a day, but still not have any energy to do any of the things I liked to do. I couldn’t cook. I couldn’t walk the dogs. I couldn’t groom my horse. Along with this came mental fog. It’s not dementia and it’s not any psychoses. It’s like the brain doesn’t work at the normal level of RPMs. I was fighting that, and the fatigue, and the pain, and all the while seeing the steroid level ramp up and up. I had gotten up to 35 milligrams of cortisone a day. That’s a pretty high dosage. I was getting quite concerned because long-term usage of cortisone can have very damaging side effects—such as osteoporosis—and I wasn’t really getting relief from it anymore.

“The doctor at this point said he wasn’t willing to raise the cortisone level any higher. He suggested we try something else. So he handed me a prescription for an immune suppressant called CellCept, a drug they give people with lupus when the steroids don’t help anymore. The drug is aimed at reducing inflammation and autoantibody production in patients with autoimmune disorders. This, and other similar drugs, are also given to people who have organ transplants in order to prevent the immune system from rejecting the organ. The medications, however, can weaken your immune system to the point where you become more vulnerable to cancer and other very nasty things. Side effects include high blood pressure, kidney and liver problems, and susceptibility to infection. These are not drugs you take lightly. I told my doctor I wanted to consider this option carefully. I also said I was considering an extremely rigorous nutritional approach. I was desperate. I had already consulted with a nutritional expert who had recommended two months of an intense diet and nutrient supplementation program followed by a period of fasting. I needed help wherever I could find it. When I told this to my rheumatologist, he wanted to take back the prescription.

“‘You can’t do both,’ he said. I told him I wanted to keep the prescription but wouldn’t take the drug if I decided to follow the nutritional approach. I was confused and not sure what to do.

“Luckily, nature intervened in two ways and resolved my dilemma. First, because of long-term use of pain relievers, I was taking Kapidex, a stomach acid suppressant, which was interacting with the cortisone and creating constant intestinal discomfort. The thought of eating a heavily cruciferous diet of broccoli and cabbage, a main feature of the remedial diet, was out of the question.

“Around this time, my husband had a conversation with our friend Marty Zucker, who thought that Earthing could help me. He strongly urged me to get grounded. We followed his advice and immediately obtained an Earthing sheet. I was willing to try most anything at this point. So I started sleeping grounded not knowing what would happen. I had the CellCept prescription if needed, but I wasn’t willing yet to play that drastic card.

“As the days went by I noticed that I started feeling better, having more energy, and thinking more clearly. This went on for a few weeks and then it was time for my regular monthly visit to the rheumatologist. I should mention that whenever I saw him I would have my blood drawn a week before so that at the time of the office visit he would have a fresh picture of what was going on in my body.

“This time when I walked into his office, he asked me how I was feeling. I said it is really strange but I honestly feel I have more energy and I’m starting to feel like my old self again. He sat me down and said that this was the first time in the five years I had been seeing him that my bloodwork was normal. None of the hallmark factors for lupus were present, including the primary test for lupus—the antinuclear antibody test. In my case, the test had been positive for ten years.

“Now, six months after I started grounding, I have to admit that I’m almost taking my good health and abundant energy for granted. Now, I walk my dogs twice a day, practice chi gong, study photography, and participate in two weekly strength training classes to prevent osteoporosis. But every night I sleep on my grounding sheet. The prospect that I might slip back into the pain, fatigue, and fog of lupus is truly frightening. I only wish I had started grounding sooner and not ‘lost’ so much time to lupus. I will be forever grateful to Earthing for restoring my health and vitality. I don’t consider myself to be cured. But I do consider myself to be in remission. Earthing has given me a second chance at life.”

When I saw Katie recently, she looked vibrant and energetic. She was indeed living again. She had even gone through a cross-country move and was able to handle the stress and physical challenges involved. Her husband Frank perhaps put it best when he said: “Katie is doing so well she is shell-shocked with wellness!”

I thought that some adrenal issues (atleast Addison's) can be caused by an autoimmune disease and since Katy was helped with her Autoimmune issues maybe we can as well.


Help for Hashimoto-related Fatigue, Husband’s Car Accident Pain
● “After sleeping grounded for little more than a month I can report that I have never slept more soundly. I now enjoy vivid, colorful, logical dreams. I don’t wake up stiff in the morning. I have more energy. This is a very big deal because I have Hashimoto’s Disease and that can really sap your strength! I honestly don’t have anymore issues with fatigue at all, and I used to collapse almost every afternoon! (Note: Hashimoto’s disease, an automimmune condition affecting the thyroid gland, is a common cause of hypothyroidism).
“Most incredibly, my husband, who has experienced severe chronic pain since a 1992 car accident, immediately experienced relief. He no longer contends with neck and/or back pain on a daily basis. He is in a much better mood, can concentrate better, and is happy!”

Two more:

Swelling, Posture, Headaches, and Sugar
● “When I woke up in the morning after my first night using the Earthing sheet, I noticed that my ankles were not swollen as normal. They looked like they did when I was 18 years old, and I will be 70 tomorrow. My posture has been horrible, despite doing Pilates and yoga. The first day after sleeping grounded, I noticed something I was not prepared for… and had not read about in the Earthing book. About six times that day, my body told me I was slumping. My body spoke to me through pain. It hurt to slump and my body began to correct itself without my brain having to tell my body to work hard and stand erect. I’ve used the Earthing sheet for about two months and I’m amazed at how I automatically check my posture without thinking about it. I’ve had other benefits as well. I love Sugar and no longer crave it. My face is not puffy. I sleep deep. Occasionally I feel an early morning headache coming on, and I wrap the sheet around my upper body and wake up without any sign of a headache. I no longer need an afternoon nap and am fully alert at 10 pm. I wake up after 8 hours ready to enjoy the day.”

Earthing helped control this persons sugars which seems to be a problem for most of us with Adrenal Exhaustion.

Last one:

Salt Reduction Method?
● “Since sleeping grounded, I’ve found prepared foods to be way over-salted. Strange, because normally I love salt and can’t get enough of the stuff.”

This person had a strong craving for salt that went away after earthing. We all know that salt cravings are a big thing with adrenal issues.

Maybe just maybe this can help speed adrenal healing along with the other things we are already doing?


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