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Re: The Effects of John E. Machine on Water
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: The Effects of John E. Machine on Water

Well John, you come across as such a nice man on here. I don't remember calling your number that many times, but if you say so.
I am not here to fight you anymore or let anyone know my story....Its here already and I'm not going to hash over it again. I have done nothing but tell MY experience with you, and your machine. EVERYTHING i said was the truth.
You say you know my phone number.....why would you not call someone who, as you claim, called you over 1000 times? Didn't you think maybe someone must want to talk to me?? You also state "As far as "Bludini" is concerned. He never bought a machine from us". That is a lie John, and you know it. I can and will send you a copy of my receipt if you would like! I thought about making it a PDF file and posting a link to once again I could show how you can't seem to tell the truth, but that would only preach to those who already know who and how you really are. I will send via mail, email, carrier pigeon, pony express to you the proof of it if you want to prove yourself wrong and want to retract you untrue statement. I guess your trying to make me out to be some person who's got nothing to do but be a pain in your side, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Still have all the parts and clips and broken UV lights.
For some reason I lack legitimacy because I won't sell it. Maybe I should have, but have lots of crap I haven't sold and its probably worth more, and its mine to sell or not.
WHY...... Why would I start this thread? Do I know you personally? NO. Am in business with my own water machine? NO. You say you know who I am, so you must also know that indeed we did purchase the machine from you.
There are plenty of others who have now posted here with the same issues I had, so this is my last post. Your correct, I have spent to much time on this.
To answer my own question, why? I have stated it before. I wanted people to beware of you and your machine. I tried to take talk to you man to man, and your fine with that as long as $$ is coming your way. I have not been dishonest in any way. I have been up front as to my beef with you. I have admitted you have your disclaimer from my first post. To those who claim help, I have encouraged them to continue, as we purchased the machine for other purposes then health, as I have stated many times, and it didn't work.
I gave my experience with you and your machine. And as you state, you probably made money from me posting, so bully for you.
I do find it curious that people find this machine on ebay?? If its all you say, why are they selling it? Anyone think of that?
While I am no longer going to post here, as I have said all I have to say. I think you should take time to read both those pro and con to your machine, the way you run your company, and how people see you.
You know John, I am sure your a brilliant man. You just have no people skills, and that sets many off. If you'd taken the time to discuss this issue from the start, none of this would have had to happen, but I felt I had to warn others about you, your claims, and my experience. After all, that is what you do. I feel no need to back up with Science any of my claims, and neither do you!
Maybe I am all wrong John, and you'll go down in history as the water guy that saved pools, spas, wells, prostates, hair color, the US Navy, and all the other claims. Maybe I was all wrong.... Maybe I was right, as I think I am. But I am simple and honest enough to realize I'm not always right.

I will do this. If I find out I was wrong about your machine, I will apologize. Retract what I have said (about your machine only, you are a jerk....and that is a fact) about your machine. That seems fair. Don't think I will need to do that, but I am open minded enough to keep that promise. After all, I did buy your machine in the first place.

The last post from me


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