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What is this Stuff
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Published: 13 years ago

What is this Stuff

We really need to get a handle on what this "Morgellons" infection is..... it seems everyone as a theory and sufferers latch on to the first thing that makes sense and follow strange protocols to find relief.... I have tried most to no avail but there are ways to keep the numbers down.

I have been researching this on my own and take pictures of my finds and collect samples in the hope that someone will some day DNA test what I have. Please consider that we are not suffering from alien implants and demons but instead are suffering from a bastardization of bio tech. BT Maize and BT cotton and BT soya are now sown from seeds that are genetically engineered to resist a number of things, Draught, tetracycline, Penicillin, pesticides etc.

These BT modified organisms are using quite natural life cycles to infect our body's. Consider that a virus is used (e.coli) to inject the plant with Antibiotic genes, the virus is then supposed to die and the plant grown from this seed is now able to resist Antibiotic pesticides. The virus already has a predetermined life cycle..... consider that the virus has not died and is present in our food or cotton and in introduced to the body.

It infects us and instead of using a plants properties to propagate uses ours. It may explain why Antibiotics are virtually useless and completely explains (to this observer) the filaments, lesions, bio-film, itching, eyesight problems, insomnia, bowel disruptions, black specks, stinging and neurological problems and the rest.

I have seen the fibers protrude from my finger after a shower just below the cuticle. It had a small dab of the yellow bio-film we a we familiar with on it. Using static elec. it waved back and forth until it came in contact with another fiber .... they kind of twisted together and laid back on the skin after the bio-film traveled the length of the now connected fibers..... this “walking” of the bio-film is how the “organism” moves out of and back into the body. The fiber has the ability to burn the skin also..... have you noticed scratches on your body with no recall where you got them? Close observation will show 2 to 3 holes in the scratch. This may be another form of tunneling. The skin is like cooked chicken and it is impossible to scratch without breaking the skin.

The lesions are when this goes hay wire and cannot poke through the skin and the fibers just ball up under the skin instead of poking through and connecting to another fiber. It seems to really like hairy areas. These fibers come in two forms the tunneling and the connecting. The tunneling I believe provides a highway for the bio-film and explains why scratching one side of your head seems to ”talk” to the other side. This is simple pneumatics. Evening and heat seem to really kick this off. Think about the evening ..... there is a circadian component to this that I am still trying to figure out.

The bio-film I believe IS the disease and builds little factories everywhere and it very noticeable in our gut and gets nutrients from our colon wall, stools and earwax any thing that can feed it. In the colon you find up to 5” long “factories” that push out the little pieces of bio-film with the tiny hair sticking out of it that we are familiar with. Wipe your unmentionable with a black rag before the next shower you will find tiny little seed pod looking things that have wound fibers everywhere. I believe this happens late stage. Flatulence really makes this noticeable for obvious reasons.

This walking has brought it throughout the body and I have been getting severe neurological symptoms and it gets bad when constipated. After an enema the last thing out were thousands of these 1 to 5” slimy shrimp looking (Triangular when very small) things that floated on the top of the water. The neurological symptoms are violent twitching..... legs, abdomen, face, tongue, arms etc. This stuff is in our brains.

The black specks are noticeable as the bio-film leaks from a pore paving the way for the release of the fiber. Two or three black specks (which are tightly wound black fibers) fall off to the side. They are extremely static sensitive adhere and burrow into the skin unwind and this I believe is how this starts. We come in contact with negatively charged black speck and the rest is history

Our ever changing visual acuity is a direct result of bio-film coated is very sticky and can turn to super glue when dry. The dry stuff you will find in the corner of your eye and may pass off as sleep but examination shows it is the same material we get from under our finger nails. This varies from day to day which would explain why visual acuity changes from day to day.

There are tricks to finding the things I claim. Fingers are the easiest place to witness this horrendous sight. Instead of looking head on the next time you feel a sting....instead look at it on the horizon with at least a 50X eyepiece with a backlight....your laptop will do. what you will see if it is unmolested is a fiber with a dab of bio-film doing a little dance that looks like it has a mind of it’s own. It is hard to just sit there a let it do its thing but watching the complete circle is worth the price of admission.

It is arrogant to assume that evolution stopped 60 years ago and to think that we are smarter than nature is ludicrous. Co’s. like Monsanto have a stranglehold on the food stuffs we eat and wear....their Flagship product was NutraSweet and that is made from coal tar. If they can pass that off on the public then the fact that 80% of the corn we eat is BT Maize should not shock us and the fact that it is not tested so thoroughly no side effects can happen leaves this sufferers head tipped. Vitamin C Garlic....yogurt get your body alkaline..... it helps a little.

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