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Still experimenting
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Published: 11 years ago

Still experimenting

Hey everyone. First, let me tell you all I know how you feel and have read your stories for the last 8 years or so. I lurk looking for answers and I have tried most everything on here--all the pills, vitamins, flushes, washes, powders, diets, home remedies, and even went to Doctors. Nothing really helps.

I did extreme fasting and extreme diets a few years back. I had other major problems besides BO believe me. Looking for answers for other health problems and bad relationships. I found answers to both.

Sorry for the graphic details and the "too much information"...I am just trying to find answers and help others.

Here's what I found from about 5 years of experiments, I'm fairly certain I have a few things that give me a musty/sulfur/ fecal and sometimes locker room odor that eminates from my pores and will not let up even after several showers. Really disgusting for a woman. Pretty sure I have TMAU, Gluten intolerance, and some kind of intolerance to animal products. Let me explain:

Makes it worse:
Curry with Tumeric in it (Tmau?)
Beans/soy products
egg yellow (be careful, most baked products-even gluten free have WHOLE eggs in them)
Most processed foods
Any gluten product (as these make me constipated and swollen)

Animal products:
Butter ( makes me horrible...that same hot sweaty feeling from rear someone spoke of? THe whole rooms smells like ass)
Cheese (makes my pits & arms stink like, well, a rotten cheese bleh)
PORK (oh my God is this bad with me, I smell gamey for a week after, even smells up clothes-think it's the fat)
Most other meats sorry to say yes even chicken
Even animal stocks for soups but will have on weekends or days off.

Drinking alcohol makes me sweat more

Makes it better:
low pH shower gels
flossing daily (? just another place for bacteria to hang out)
Avoiding every thing above and drugs
Eating lots of fiber like squash, veggies etc.
Eating lots of greens twice a day at least, it blows away those copper chlorophyllin pills and liquids
Intense cardio 3-5 times a week (like others that were cured it helps flush toxins and makes you feel better)
Having at least ONE person out there that believes in you...and I BELIEVE in all of us. That we will all cure ourselves in our own way in our own time.
NOT listening to what other people say, EVER!!
Living my life for me.
Never giving up.

I have lost lots of weight this way searching and experimenting with all this but it's fine. I needed to anyway. Can you imagine how bad I stunk when I was REALLY fat? I used to sweat all the time and never needed a coat!!! Anyway I will continue experimenting til I get this right. This is for me and all of us. I know there are some people who are suicidal out there...I got there too at times. Don't give up. Don't listen to jackasses at work. On mass transit I listen to music and ignore everyone's looks & stares. You are better than this. When people make comments about it at work I confront them and tell them it's a genetic disease. I will go to HR if I am harassed again. It's not fair and I think it is a form of sexua| harassment if people tease you about a body condition that cannot be helped.

Right now I do probiotics when I can, mulitvitamins (this is an extreme diet), get most my protein from egg whites (some people can't process sulfur though so be careful), take a laxative daily, and one TBSP of flax seeds a day. I have been doing this specific regime for a week now and I have to tell you, it keeps me "moving" like never before. I must have lost 7 lbs of pure #$&%. I think that's the answer for some people...keep it clean and keep it moving. I avoided the TMAU foods for years before but it only calmed down the odor, never removed it. Now, I am less sweaty, I have less brain fog (just like the other guy who cured himself said), I ache less after workouts, and have gotten less comments in public. I can't really smell myself so I use others reactions to tell me how it's doing.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing o.k. I see some of the people on here from back then and it makes me smile. Also makes me upset that they haven't found anything. I'm in this for the long haul just like you guys. We will beat this thing. Don't give up. And let me tell you, if I ever win the lottery--I am SOOO advocating for TMAU research & a cure!!
Hugs everyone :)

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