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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: a lot of fibers in the boiler

I have a Berkey...the mid size one..not the Big Berkey...
the slightly smaller sibling..Travel Berkey I think..
has TWO 9 inch tall x 7.25 inch diameter filter "bricks".

...processes water at a glacially slow rate..but I was willing to put
up with low process speed for CLEAN water.

alas...this was not to be. The output from the filters
is full of biocrap. parked the Berkey months ago..pursuing
other filter possibilities [PUR/BRITA]...but those
are utterly useless vs the biocrap. Just about EVERYTHING
slides right thru them.

Just to refresh my memory...parked the filtr section of
the Berkey on blocks..[well..ok so they were big tomato
sauce cans..] swabbed out the two discharge/drip nozzles..
blocked one nozzle...put a catch jar under the other
to catch water drops that did not end up on the microscope

...slides cleaned with optical cleaning wipes [alcohol on
lint free cloths...prepackaged]

looked at about 7 drops...EVERY drop full of bio crap.
snapped about 100 or so pics. disgusting.

..just one of many specimens in a drop of water
this particular perp is about half a mm across..easily
seen with bare eyeballs in a well lit clear glass.

The filter bricks are useless...but why? The water drops are Not
bypassing the filter..the drip nozzles are TIGHT against
the rubber leaking. The coming
from the big carbon bricks..that are supposed to be able
to brickwall just about everything...including viruses..
according to Berkeys advertising.

My best guess is that the biocrap has made a comfy home
inside the filter element...
If that theory is true..its a bummer.. I doubt that i've put
30 gallons thru the Berkey since I bought it new..2 years ago. [it spent a lot of time in storage mode.especially the
last six months when I've been tinkering with cartridge filters].

choice was: replace the Berkey filter bricks for $100.00..
and HOPE that I can get clean water for a few months..before they slime up again..OR spring for a water
distiller and get hard core vs the slime...if I can't remove the slime from the water..I will remove the water from the slime..and what slime manages to ride the vapors thru the
condenser and into the catch least that slime got
boiled...and SHOULD be dead/inert/brokey.
{another irritation..all the hype that distilling removes
ALL contaminants. utter BS. Next time you buy a gallon
of distilled water..pour some into a CLEAN glass..find a bright light..and enjoy the dance of the particles. Find a microscope and look at what those particles really are.
I'm finding the same critters in the purchased distilled water as I find in my tap water. They may be dead..[which I doubt..since many seem to be very well developed..and..
possibly still growing..] I sense that there is a reason
why none of the distilled water vendors sell their "utterly pure water" in equally clear glass containers. You could see the floaties in there; bad for sales..kinda breaks the magic spell of the markiting effort.

...and that is why I got a distiller this week. I have
seen the amount of BIOCRAP in the boiler after a batch
of water has been cooked. I cringe at the amount of electricity the distiller uses..[580 wattsx6hrs/gallon]but..what choice do I really have? The Berkey has been
defeated by the Slime Horde in short order..and I can't
afford to be the Berkey filters every 3-6 months at $100
dollars a set.

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