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Re: What conditions will Oleander help?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: What conditions will Oleander help?

Hi Kir -

I thought I would add my two cents here.

First of all, when a person has spent as much time, effort and money without getting anywhere near the results they seek, sometimes the best idea may be to go back to the basics and work your way through your problems gradually - in essence, try to reset your body as much as possible.  To me, that means beginning with a good water fast (and there is a very good forum here for that), do a thorough overall cleansing and then start in with the most basic of diets.  My good friend Dr. Ken, the naturopath and MD, has recommended starting off with little more than raw organic goat milk, a tablespoon of molasses and a raw organic egg drink.  To that you can gradually add food items to see how they are tolerated and the same with supplements.

One cautionary item about supplements. Supplements should be used, in my opinion, the address specific issues and help the body correct problems with the goal of eventually using or needing very few if any supplements when you ultimately have reversed the problems you are addressing and transitioned to a healthy nutrient dense diet and healthy lifestyle.  You don't want your body to become dependent upon supplements to do the functions it was designed to do.  In that regard, it is usually a good idea to occasionally take a break from each supplement you do use.  Dr. Christopher used the rule of sixes I believe: don't take a particular supplement every 6 days, take a one week break every six weeks and take a one month break every six months.  And eventually, where possible, wean yourself from the supplement altogether.

In regards to oleander, it may provide help for EBV, Lyme and Adrenal Fatigue due to its immune boosting and immune modulating properties.  One thing which may be very important is that oleander is a wonderful cancer preventative and EBV often leads to cancer.  As Luella suggested, colloidal silver could be a key in regards to EBV and Lyme as well as candida.

Here are some other suggestions for your reported conditions:

Lyme and EBV

  • Colloidal silver in quantity may help eliminate the viruses
  • Olive leaf extract, which you already appear to be taking, is a very good pathogen destroyer
  • Digestive enzymes, including serrapeptase and others, taken in quantity two or three times a day may hel elminate the viruses too, since the enzymes help strip away the outer protective layer of viruses, enabling the body's natural immune system and anti-pathogens such as colloidal silver and olive leaf to be more effective.


  • Colloidal silver in quantity (intitially) will help destroy the candida
  • Coconut Oil - candida hates it and it also helps keep the bile ducts open to process out toxins
  • Bentonite Clay- literally pulls candida off intestine walls, binds to it and helps eliminate it
  • Probiotics (take apart from the apple pectin and bentonite clay, as they might limit the effectiveness) to help restore a good intestinal flora balance and to replace good bacteria which the colloidal silver may destroy along with the bad bacteriaq


  • Food grade diatomaceous earth may be just the ticket for destroying your roundworms
  • Bentonite clay will help remove roundworms and their eggs

Mercury toxicity

If you have any remaining amalgam fillings, careful removal by a qualified dentist should be strongly considered.

These items all help remove mercury:

  • Garlic (which is also a good pathogen destroyer)
  • Chlorella
  • Cilantro
  • Milk thistle (which is also extremely valuable for liver support)
  • Apple Pectin
  • Bentonite clay
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • The supplements Livaplex and Antronex from Standard Process help the liver remove mercury - or you might try the liver product sold by Hveragerthi (see the Truth in Medicine forum) as I have seen some very good reports from people who use it. 

Low adrenal function

See my article:

In addition, there is a product I am going to recommend below which may provide impressive help.

Supplements which may make a noticeable difference:

I hear what you are saying about not being able to tell if many of your supplements are making a difference.  In some instances, they may be helping little, if any.  In others, however, perhaps it may be more true that natural remedies frequently take longer to work with the body than do unnatural drugs which act faster but usually do so by forcing the body to perform unnaturally and often unhealthily.

The following five supplements are the ones which I have either heard people report over and over that they made a noticeable difference or else found out personally that they make a difference:

  • Colloidal silver - which we have already discussed.
  • intraMAX - the most complete all around nutritional supplement I know of.  It is 100% organic and contains an astounding 415 different nutrients.  You can get it from Oasis Advanced Wellness as well as CZ sponsor Utopia Silver.  Note: That is the one item which Utopia Silver is unable to offer a group discount on.  The price (not cheap) is set by the manufacturer and they allow no deviations.
  • Drenomine - Also available from Utopia Silver (and the discount does apply if it is not on sale - use code LR001).  I have been hearing some really good results in terms of increased energy and wellbeing from users of this product from Standard Process designed to help remedy adrenal fatigue.  I intend to try it myself very soon, as I pretty much trash my adrenals with coffee at the beginning of each day.
  • OxyGen - though not specifically indicated for any of your conditions, it might help quite a bit with energy.  I never fail to notice a difference when I take a couple of capsules.  You can find it at iHerb (if they have it in stock - they were out last time I checked) or Utopia Silver.
  • Dr. Schulze superfoods powder.  I frequently take a scoop or so of a custom blend modeled after a Dr. Schulze formula (mine has added acerola cherry) and can notice a difference.  Unless for some reason you are not able to tolerate it, it might be a good item to add in when you are building back up from a very basic diet.

Another article you may find helpful as you rebuild your health is:

Three final notes here.

First, are you getting plenty of magnesium?  It is estimated that anywhere from 70% to 95% of us are deficient in this vital master mineral.  Deficiency has been associated with a number of condtions, including low adrenal function, and deficiency will also help prevent recovery from health conditions.

Secondly, the above suggestions, particularly colloidal silver, may initially result in a Herxheimer effect - where you feel somewhat worse before beginning to feel better as a result of pathogen die-off and toxin releases.  You may find yourself craving extra sleep or rest.  But that is a good thing - it is your body telling you that it needs healing sleep to best complete its job.  The Herx effect, if it does happen, should be relative short lived - anywhere from a few days to no more than a couple of weeks or so before you start feeling better.

And finally, I want to reiterate that the idea is not to find the right combination of supplements to use for indefinite maintenance, but rather to find the supplements that will help your natural body address your issues and then ultimately cut back to a minimum of supplements and use a good diet and healthy lifestyle to carry you forward.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best,



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