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HELP IBS is killing me CURE?
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Published: 11 years ago

HELP IBS is killing me CURE?

Here is what I posted 4 years ago and since that time I have done my homework

Hello fellow IBS sufferers,

First of all Iam not gonna sell you anything but lead you to ultimate CURE for IBS,IBD or any kind of intestinal problem

here are my sympthoms

verticle ridges on all of my nails
extreme bloating
ton of gas
takes along time to digest anything
quickly full
belly noise
weight gain
low and mid back pain
pain under right ribcage
swellon left lower colon
pain under left ribcage
pain in my sternum
frequent urination
thin stool
extreme heartburn
orange color stool
ornage urine
fatigue syndrome
UTI including, bladder infection, prostate infection and kidney infection
swellen kidney
lack of energy
loosing bone density
extrem Acne break out
edema (swelling)
frequent floating stool
extreme diherea
upper back pain by shoulder blade, mostly right side and sometimes left side and upper middle
pain in spine

This is a email that I have just sent 11/13/2010 to an IBS sufferer who emailed me after reading my 4 year old post


IBS is just a fancy name that doctors give you to sell you drugs and make big pharma rich.

All illnesses are link to candida or fungus infection

candida, fungus or yeast is the main cause of most all health problems and main cause of it is anti biotic's shots, pills and meat etc.

there is no definitely cure for this infection, he will have to fight it rest of his life

I dont know how long your brothers been suffering, if its been over a year then damage already has been done to his liver and will need Liver Flushing

If you do exactly as I say, your brother will function as a healthy person again

you will need following supplements

Zero2Sixty by Oxylife $10 to $15 a bottle
Take 2 capsules in an empty stomach once per day, he will have herxeimer or die off symptoms for 3 to 10 days, this is normal. it will be mainly tiredness

go to Liver Flush Forum and start doing Liver Flush and get those gall/ liver stones out

you can do away with Liver-Flush but it will take longer to heal

Take Caprylic Acid by NOWFOOD about $8 a bottle and start slow, main hereximer or dieoff will be rapid heart beat and vomiting so take your time and start with one 600mg gel caps per day and slowly go up to 4 per day

get a bottle of Chlorella 1000mg and take 3 tablets per day which will equal to 3000mg, dieoff is similar to Caprylic acid but its very mild and some people don't have any dieoff with chlorella

take 600 to 1000mg of Milk thistle per day to protect the liver and help detoxify

Take a product called Zeroforce, get them in a powder form, it will help chelate heavy metals and make you loose weight

finally take vitamin D3, 5000iu to 10,000iu per day to protect your immune system

and after he gets healthy, take Miracle-Mineral-Supplement to kill parasites, there is a forum on curezone and its called Miracle mineral supplement. Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is nothing but Chlorine Dioxide and its the best parasite killer that I have found

that's it

take care


Dear Brother,

May God Bless you. I just came across your response (which you did 4 year back). I am requesting you to guide me for my brother on the IBS cure.



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