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Re: Another idea about parasitic disease
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Another idea about parasitic disease

....have been rather put off from buying produce
from Mexico...too many incidents of disease breakout
caused by growers getting too careless with
using human sewage to feed the crops. The theory seems to
be that human sewage can be used to feed the crops
without danger if properly composted etc. The theory
looks good on paper..however it never works out according
to the plan; someone is always trying to save money by
simply channeling raw sewage into the field. [hey, treatment plants and composting schemes cost much dinero..
this is Mexico, vato!]

I have been trying to figgure out why there is so much
morg related crap in the drinking water..[everything i
find on my skin..urine..etc..I find in the tap water)
Are the Illuminati from Cincinnati seeding the water
systems everywhere? That sound like a lot of work for a
lot of Illuminati.

...suspect it's much simpler than legions of "wise guys"
endlessly seeding the water with vials of mOrg bits
in pursuit of some dark scheme to sicken everyone...

..the city water systems are almost a closed loop system.
..drinking water to toilets..back to treatment plant..return to drinking water toilets..back to
treatment plants..etc..

..the water cleaning systems can't filter out pharmaceuticals that end up in the sewer. Everyone is
getting microdosed with whatever drugs are being used.
Cheerful thought...

Whatever hardy disease particles that are not killed by
the chlorine/Cl02 that the munincipal water system is using..thrives in the miles of pipes. Even if the water
assay at the plant is "very clean"..only takes the occasional particle to survive..escape and establish colonies of 'whatever' in the delivery system pipes.

...It would seem that any pathogen has the possiblility of
seeding the "clean" water system. The mOrg bits seem to
be hardy enough to shrug off anything short of being lit
up by a Cobalt-60 source for a few hours.

Once embedded in a friendly biofilm in the pipes..even
the trace amounts of residual chlorine are no longer
a threat to them..or anything else inside the protection
of the polysaccharide film matrix. Tiny bits of whatever
break loose and float downstream into the nearest drinking

I begin to see why I can find so many bad critters in the
drinking Illuminati required.

It does seem a bit odd that hoomans go to such trouble
to set up water cleaning systems..and a massive piping
system to deliver clean drinking water to their houses..
.....and then shit in it...dump whatever chemicals
they like into the "drinking water"..and send it "someplace else" to be "cleaned"..
.... they can drink it again.

* yeah, my water distiller is on order. Hzve to do
something more effective than trying to filter out the
microparticles. If I can't remove the particles from
the water..I'll try my luck removing the water from
the particles.

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