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Jesus said to the crippled man, DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALED????

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Published: 11 years ago

Jesus said to the crippled man, DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALED????

For decades, a crippled man laid by the healing waters of the pools of bethesda, the man was too sick to get up from his sick bed and walk to the healing waters, others would push ahead of him and no one would help carry the man into the healing waters. Jesus walked up to the sick dying crippled man and asked him, DO YOU WANT TO BE WELL? The crippled man said YES, and cried out his sad story to Jesus and Jesus said, TAKE UP YOUR BED AND WALK.

The man obeyed Jesus and was healed.

This story is a parable for all those who are lost in sickness, weakened by demon spirits/thorns, lost seeking FAKE cures in synthetic vitamins, squid oil, dejected faith, hopelessness, lies, dependancy on the wrong cures and or pills or devil docs selling chemo etc, SOME lost souls DO NOT WANT TO LIVE, THEY SEEK DEATH.
Jesus knew many just seek death so JESUS FIRST ASKED THE MAN, DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALED??????? As many hopeless unsalvageable lost souls do not want to be healed, they are so blind in reprobate ways, they seek death.

SO JESUS IN DISCERNING THE CRIPPLED MANS SPIRIT SAID, DO YOU WANT TO BE HEALED, and the mans GODLY SPIRIT cried out YES. Showing Jesus the demon spirits had not yet overtaken the crippled mans soul and will to live.


Paul had a thorn in his side, this thorm was a demon that caused Paul to be attacked by pharoes and other devil possessed men, Paul had to suffer with a demon for his past sins of PERSECUTING AND KILLING christians, BUT Pauls zealotry and love for God OVERCAME all pain the thorn/demon tried to cause him.

In acts paul was locked in a basement prison cage, above paul were slats where other prisoners would use the bathroom above pauls head, putting paul in a very bad cell full of waste. Paul sang praises and hymns to God in this creek of captivity bad prison cage, and lo and behold the doors and locks of the prison cage were OPENED BY GOD AND PAUL WAS FREED FROM THIS DEPRAVITY.
Paul esacaped the most terrible prison with Gods power,

IF you want to be healed, IF, LIKE THE MAN AT BETHESDA
YOU WANT TO BE WELL, stop running around like a hamster on a treadmill with COSTLY fake cures and wastefull beliefs, OVERCOME your demons and thorns and get on an organic juice diet, see
for the hallelujah diet recipes.

Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead, let those who seek eternal life, follow him, Jesus Christ.

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