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Image Embedded MMS fails to control fungal growth in water.
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Published: 9 years ago

MMS fails to control fungal growth in water.

Have used a PUR "dual stage" cartridge water filter
for a month in a new pitcher.
All water that has entered this filter has been pre treated
with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement at a dose of 14-16 drops/gallon.

Yesterday I took a close look at the pitcher was was
bummed to see the largest growth of "biofilm/fungus"
I have seen yet.

...a sample representing about 1/5 of the total biomass
Mag appx 20x




It's worse than the first BRITA pitcher
that I threw away after finding the biofilm/mat inside
the non removeable spigot...and that was before I
ever heard of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .

Six cartridge filters from two sources [BRITA and PUR]
have demonstrated a total inability to stop the particles
in the tap water that sprout into fungals. The last 4
cart filters have been processing Miracle-Mineral-Supplement treated tap water.
All the filters harbored long fibers that happily sprouted
inside the filter element material.

The most recent PUR filter was a total failure..and
the mass of stuff growing in the pitcher
was particularly depressing. After cleaning the clear pitcher and refulling it..I can fill it with fungal bits by sloshing the water against the bottom of the filter cart..

Apparently there is a major design flaw to the "2 stage
filter" nonsense. The second filter "stage" is just a sleeve of microperfed plastic. What THAT is supposed to accomplish is a mystery. In the real seems to
be acting as a convenient growth medium for fungus and whatever other microlife is in the tap water. The particles seep through the carbon filter particles and
apparently are attaching to the useless "2nd stage filter"
and growing.

Odd that the MMS has accomplished NOTHING in regard to
controlling the biological growth in the filter. If anything, the MMS seems to be accelerating the growth..weird as that seems. The MMS may be killing some
portion of the biologials in the water..but it only seems
to be FUELING this fungus.

...I have found NO filter that stops the tiny particles
in the tap water. Even the hunky carbon filters of the
Berkey filter allow the particles to slide through.
The particles are just barely the 100 micron
and larger range. How can they slither thru those tightly
attached carbon bricks? [about 8 inches tall..and 7
inches diameter. That a rather thick wall to be tunneling

...this is getting to be a drag. Must find a way to
stop this biocrap; it's growing everywhere in the body.
Have been chugging MMS for several months..but if it is
as effecting IN the body as it is in the water filters..
I may just be feeding the fungus.

./...this is getting to be a dark ride..


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