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Re: Free Movie to explain - Caution:PHOTO of biotrash:Yulia's 4th Liver Flush Results-1st pass 121405
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Published: 17 years ago
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Re: Free Movie to explain - Caution:PHOTO of biotrash:Yulia's 4th Liver Flush Results-1st pass 121405

Yes , Thanks for the info , it will give me a start on more knowledge , I've thought I might get son to help build a zapper with 2 or 3 freq (switchable , done with different resisters) while I look to find a f165 or similar........
And yes I have seen and read MANY books on govt and corporate conspiracies to control access to alternative medical therapies , I've even researched FDA ,USDA,quackbusters sites to see their interpretation , and can find proof of cover ups , lies ,altered reports , ommissions , reversals ie; chelation is approved to flush lead toxins , but they refuse to approve for pestacides , mercury ,or any other toxins , they refuse to fund research , and if private research is done they harrass , steal reports , prosicute those that try to PROVE efficacy.....and yet many chelation patients find relief , CURES from this proceedure........on the FDA site , they list quinine as limited usefullness, and yet history has proved it helped the US build the panama canal , so why wouldn't it be helpful to protect from west nile virus......Pau D'Arco is listed as completely useless by the FDA, and yet I found it did 150% more for me then desenex , aftate etc to treat atheletes foot fungus , so I've been researching for about 15yrs now , off and on........the internet and this site are going around the political cover ups and corporate controled news's about time people wake up too the fact , BIG business controls politics , and they're out to make money , we have to be sick or forced to pay their inflated prices (gas) to make them huge profits....
When I worked for govt (as engineer @ naval weapons center , china lake ,calif)we looked at alternative energy , wind,solar,geothermal,super insulation etc , we could cut ALL of our (the U S's) dependance on foriegn oil , by growing peanuts and soy and amarinth and making bio fuels.....instead of paying farmers not to grow (set aside acres), let them grow all they want , if crop not good enough for human consumption , could be processed as alcohol or bio-diesel......but that would put money in the hands of the common folk , and STEAL profits from big business , so we as tax payers pay farmers not to grow........I can go on and on about things I've seen and read.....I believe the word is slowly getting out ,and people are getting they pass the Patriot they can check on everyone in US ( like the subversive old folks in florida that protest the war in Iraq , that are listed as a THREAT to US national security....on CBS last couple of days), people should read the whole act.....they can open our bank statements , credit ,even find out what books we buy , where we shop , it goes on and on......if that ain't big brother spying on it's own citezens!!!!!......the words getting out and they're trying to protect their way of life (at the top , in control)......Just my thoughts.
Thanks for the info and letting me vent........Richard

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