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Re: Loosing hope

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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Loosing hope

Please read every post I've linked in this thread for all the information you need.

I've spent hundreds of hours on this site talking with you guys and then reading every recommended post in all relevant forums. I also checked the history of every poster with an interesting story to see how accurate, trustworthy, and relevant their advice would be. All the information is there.

The basic idea is very much in line with the theory of homotoxicology ( There are 6 stages of disease and as your body is getting more and more toxic storing toxins, you will feel fine but as you cannot store anymore bad things happen. The basic idea of all the protocols is just to re align your lifestyle with the way God intended it. If you eat healthily, your body instinctively knows how to cure itself of any and all disease. The same way all these years it has just been dealing with our toxic overload from negative emotions(Stress), toxic environment (chemicals, drugs), and toxic food (cooked food, alcohol). As for the specifics of the protocol, please see this post //

To me that, is the greatest starting point. I feel like a lot of what moreless preaches though needs to be incorporated into that program. It boils down to NO MORE SUPPLEMENTS besides three digestive enzymes to help your stomach. One systemic (FYI restore) and one for with meals (Omega ultimate digestive enzyme) and Okra Pepsin E3 which dissolves muccoid plaque. For people really sick with food allergies , you can only drink fresh juices. Papaya and Pineapple will be great fruits but lots of kale/chard/collard green juice and 2-8 oz of wheat grass per day. Also take alkalizing baths which are H202, baking soda, and Epsom salt. Also, no more cooked food. Eat as much fruit as you like and vegetables, but eat all raw. There is also an alkalizing drink comprised of Magnesium, calcium, lemon juice/acv, kelp, Sea Salt , and organic unsulphered molasses.

Moreless actually created the alkalizing drink, and he made it because he said all our food sources are anemic now. You can test the quality of produce using a brix meter and you will find most organic produce is not even up to par. This is because soils have been depleted for over 50 years, so the food that should be giving us life is also suffering and dying. Moreless' basic recommendation is find the highest quality produce you can and eat it. Do alkalizing foot baths as you can handle them, then move on to alkalizing baths, and then the drink along with baths. Lapis recommends Liver Flushes later on if you feel you need them, but moreless doesn't like them at all. I started fully intending to flush as soon as possible, but now I think flushes are bad. They are too harsh on your body and your body can naturally remove those stones on their own when kept in a non toxic environment. (All organic raw produce, no stress, and no chemical exposure).

It's so simple yet so crazy and profound. I first started the program continuing with candida force, but then I realized it was hurting me. The candida is actually HELPING your body. You are in a toxic state and the candida is getting rid of those toxins for you. Unfortunately it is also causing a lot of negative side effects (white tongue, nail fungus, insane crotch itch/ yeast infection etc etc). When you clean up your body, the candida just ups and leaves. 3 weeks in I was feeling just as good as I did at my best on the anticandida diets with antifungals and sauna use. But 5 weeks in I was eating a lot of raw vegan ice cream and pies (with loads of agave) and no crotch itch came from it! That has never happened. Even at my best on the McCombs plan if I would eat too much fruit, I would get severe jock itch. That's hwo I knew the underlying problem wasn't leaving. And my candida problem was much less severe on the McCombs plan because i had 2 more Antibiotic exposures after for a jaw bone infection, specifically with clindamycin which is the worst of all.

Also I want to mention that I've spent 25 years of my life toxifying my body. As I kid I ate all lipton noodes, campbells, and microwave pizza and that toxifiyied me big time. As a teenager I began drinking ensures all day and protein powders along with burgers and fries. In college, it was more protein shakes, artificial sweeteners and supplements.

My diet was 50% protein, 25% carbs, 25% good fats but that is STILL TOXIC.

This is how I looked

and I swore to myself I was healthy. Ever since getting sick I've just wanted to look like that again and live my life like back then partying and drinking and treating other people and myself like shit. That was my entire goal for life, NO WONDER I COULDN'T get healthier. I just wanted a pill and a program that could allow me to get back to fullfilling my vanity, lust, and greed. No it is specifically following those sins that MADE me sick. Now I remember more clearly, I wasn't happy in college. I was always afraid I wasn't rich enough, wasn't good looking enough, and wasn't popular enough. This despite being at the peak of all those things. I also remember having severe diahrea the entire time I was on my bodybuilding program, but I didn't care because I increased my bench press by 10lbs that week. I would get sick all the time and lose 5-10lbs and then rush back to the gym as soon as I was healthier to try to get back what I lost and more. Eventually I couldn't keep this up and after I graduated from college I was just generally fatigued and in negative health, I tried to lift weights when I could but just to maintain what I kept was already not going to happen. My health slowly degraded.

Eventually, 2-3 years later, I started with the candida diets which are STILL TOXIC, just less so. When you start eating raw vegan your body detoxifies and it's a long journey, I expect to be having detox symptoms for half a year at least. First I got the Acne that I had around 17 back, but this only lasted 2 weeks. Recently after jumping rope i noticed my armpits smelled a bit sour and it took me back. I never had any BO until 9th grade when I started lifting weights, and my armpits would smell kind of sour. Eventually that went away but in college in came back a little worse. Other people still could never notice it, but I remember. When you start detoxing you realize all the health problems you had in the past that you ignored and they went away. It made me realizing I'm regressing to my less and less toxic states of the past. They go away cause your body listens to your actions and your actions say STORE THESE TOXINS because I'm ADDING MORE. So now your body doesn't use Acne and BO to release the trash in your body, instead it stores it for you.

You have to unlearn everything you've learned because all the Science articles, all the candida programs, all the prescription drugs...they are thinking too small. Yes Sugar feeds candida and candida gets worse. Yes fruits have sugar. Yes undecylinic acid forcefully reverts candida back to it's yeast form. Yea if we have candida for years we get an intracellular infection in our crotch that takes years of antifungal use to be forcefully bullied out of our skin cells. But the bigger picture is, we toxifyied out bodies so candida came in to help us out with that toxicity. But now we blame everything on the candida. We use drugs to kill the candida but this causes more toxic overload. When we cut out all cooked food our body is able to digest the enzymes and sugars from fruit the right way, and after a 3 or 4 days, the candida symptoms are no longer getting worse, they are getting better while you are binging on fruit.

Please read all the posts. My mom has had stage 3 Breast Cancer and 5 years later stage 4 lung cancer and recovered from both. But she is just in remission, she hasn't truly recovered and now I know this raw vegan path can CURE her. She is happy with her life, she has energy for 3-4 hours a day, has terrible bowel movements, a candida infection she doesn't even bother to acknowledge, terrible joints, and altzheimer's-like symptoms, but this is considered CURED for her. For the medical community my mom is already a MIRACLE. And even my mother who respects, fears, and covets me, is not yet at the point where I can get her to make this change. As I get healthier and back to looking like i used to, I will be able to convince her. But it would take hours and hours and hours for me to explain everything I've learned, but almost all the information is in those posts. You have to read them as if you trust the posters. We always look to Science because we have no faith and no trust, especially when we've been on this battle for so long and so many drugs have failed us. But raw vegan is the truth.

I have my metametrix results and my genova labs test results. Like many of you, I'm in dire financial straits right now and buying organic produce is taxing me to the maximum. But as I get healthy enough to make money again, I will retake the metametrix test not for me, but so I can post both tests here to further convince you guys. I remember your names, those who have struggled the same time as I have on this forum and I feel a bond with you guys. We were all meant to get better together and we will.

Sickness is a wakeup call. It's not something you find the right bullet for and shoot in the heart. You are sick for a reason, once you accept that reason you can get rid of the sickness. My mom has been through so much pain, and yet the combined hell of stage 3 breast cancer, an operation, then stage 4 lung cancer and a grueling stay in a german healthcare center has not been enough for her to open her eyes to the truth. She hasn't experienced enough pain yet. But when she comes around, I am confident she will know her sickness was a blessing. The life she led before it was toxic and there was no other way for her to learn the truth.

All will be well guys.

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