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Telman's 16th Flush
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Published: 15 years ago

Telman's 16th Flush

16th Flush

I was very concerned about the news from the radiographer following an ultra-sound that my Gall Bladder full of sludge that I started thinking how I could clear it out. I concluded that I was pretty much clear of stones and consequently if I flushed again that I wouldnít need to use Epson salts. However, I would need to make sure that the gall bladder was pumped as much as possible to clear the sludge. My simple logic told me that the gall bladder was a reservoir of concentrated bile but I didnít know exactly when it interacts with the liver. There were three possibilities as follows:

A. The gall bladder releases its bile before the liver produces its own flow when fatty food is detected in the gut.
B. The gall bladder releases bile in parallel with the flow from the liver because they carry out different functions.
C. The liver produces a flow of bile first and then when this starts to diminish the gall bladder kicks in.

The worst scenario for me was that the gall bladder carried out a secondary role only working to the full when the flow of bile from the liver was running out because I would need to exhaust the liverís bile first. I concluded thatís this was most probably what happens because people who have had the gall bladder removed can still function with just the liver. There was therefore no need to starve the body of fatty food in order to maximise the flush of the gall bladder and the converse may be true in order to exhaust the liver of bile so that the body became dependant upon its gall bladder. Of course this logic is not true in you want to flush the liver where a good pressure of bile is required.

On the 5th December I followed the following protocol. I ate normally until lunch at midday and had cup of tea as I normally would at 3.00 pm. At 5.30 pm which would be the normal time that I would eat my evening meal I drank 5 fluid ounces of olive oil and 5 fluid ounces of fresh lemon juice. I made my self warm and comfortable laying on my back on the floor watching some TV for 30 minutes and then carried on per usual. At 8.00 pm I had some slight indigestion so I took 1tsp of Andrewís liver salts in a cup of warm water. At 10.30 pm I got ready for bed and drank another potion of 5 fluid ounces olive oil and 5 fluid ounces fresh lemon juice and lay on my back for 30 minutes. It was a bit difficult to drink this second potion but once it was down it didnít try to come back up. I drifted off the sleep while listening to my stomach making noises like a broken down central heating system. I had a lovely night full of pleasant dreams and I was only conscious of very slight indigestion and finally woke at 8.00 am the next morning. I felt good and had breakfast, tea and muesli, until at 9.00 am I had to visit the toilet. The stool consisted of my normal waste from the previous day followed by about a cupful of sandy coloured gelatinous sludge. There wasnít any sign of green stones but there was some green slime and a few very small black hard stones just a couple of millimetres diameter but most of it was like gloopy peas pudding.

I felt very good and for the first time this winter I was warm, the horrible cold feeling in my chest, like a having a ice brick next to the heart, had reduced. So had the cold hands and legs and all I had left was some cold and tingling on the soles of my feet. My mood is quiet, calm and contented. I hope a pray that this is a defining and pivotal day in my recovery to full health.

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