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Iodine Supplementation and Liver Flushing
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Published: 11 years ago
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Iodine Supplementation and Liver Flushing

Long time no hear, long time no see, long time missed you all, always LOVED you! I’ll be brief:

1st Flush: Oct 25 2003

Started Iodine Supplementation: Friday March 30, 2007 1drop (excerpt from my diary)

The entire 2007 Calendar is missing from my (Calendar) records, after all the mess with the destruction of my apartment this year and the subsequent break-in 2 months later; I can only rely on what I have in my diary, which is:

48th Flush: Friday March 28 2008

57th Flush Friday May 8th 2009

61st Flush Saturday Feb 13th 2010

63rd Flush Sunday Oct 10 2010

I came to the Iodine Supplementation Forum in Feb 2007 if I’m not mistaken, you may search for it, it should all be there; my records, for the reasons mentioned, above, are sketchy at this point, but it’s all in CZ.

Liver flushing, along with all ALL various detox methods I’ve used PRIOR to this intervention/IS are to be found upon further searching, mostly in the Liver Flushing Forum and Dr. Sutter Forum. I would just like to emphasize that I had done EXTENSIVE cleansing and detox between Oct 2003 (when I started flushing – I had done several bowel/colon cleanses, kidney and parasite cleanses, completed an Acupuncture series, etc. – BEFORE even starting Liver Flushing, that is: 4 years before starting Iodine Supplementation - I believe patience is a virtue - when you HAVE the time). I also did heavy metal detox, zapping, etc. I had read Hulda Clark ’s book “ The Cure For All Diseases and took her seriously, in spite of what all her detractors had and still might have to say, and kept up the good habits to this very day.

I started reading on Iodine Supplementation approximately in Feb 2007, and on March 30th 2007 (according to my diary, which never lies) I was on 1 drop of Iodine. The main reason I turned to this (at that particular point in time) rather unorthodox method, was that I had completed 40-something flushes and although I had 2 consecutive stone-free flushes TWICE (again, the proof could be somewhere in the Liver Flush Forum ), if my memory does not fail me, somewhere around 20-something and then again, 30-something, both times, on the third flush, to my huge disappointment, I was hit with yet another “mother-load” of stones. I was aiming for the classical and elusive – for ME – “3 consecutive stone-free flush”. Although Liver Flushing would pretty much qualify as “G’d sent” to me, I had grown tired of it and almost lost hope that “3 consecutive stone-free liver flushes” would ever materialize for me. Losing hope is a terrible thing. Been there, done that, for several different reasons, several times, so far. Believe me, it’s a lonely and rather unpleasant place to be.

I knew had to do something different this time. Iodine supplementation was something I hoped would change the way my liver functioned - its entire metabolism - and I just had (in spite of the fear caused by the now so-familiar brainwashing) to give it a “shot”. So I started with 1 drop.

The rest of my Iodine adventure is in the Iodine Supplementation forum, for those who care to check it out. I have to say, though, for the record: on Feb 26th 2008 I had my first Chiropractor’s appointment, still doing it, and bless her every time she does her magic/adjustments on me. Some of the things possibly relating to my liver continuing to produce new stones may be found in Dr. Sutter’s forum.

I also believe STRESS (unfortunately, I had not been spared that for the past 15-23 years, in fact, quite the contrary) was a huge contributor to my liver continuing to produce “stones” – therefore, I believe meditating twice a day RELIGIOUSLY for the past 15 years at least, has also helped immensely. We're all different, please remember that.

I WILL give credit to all the flushes I’ve done, along with all the massive detox I’ve done BEFORE starting the Iodine Supplementation, no doubt about it.

But anyone looking at the numbers must admit (as I do): THERE’S GOT TO BE SOMETHING WITH IODINE GOING ON HERE. I must also admit, based on my 63rd Flush results (about 15-20 1-1.5cm stones, along with some “chaff’ – as opposed to hundreds/thousands measurable stones for each and every flush prior to Iodine Supplementation), taking ALL the stress I’ve had between Jan 2009 and now into account, make the Iodine intervention the stuff miracles are made of (in MY book, anyway).

Although my declared purpose to starting Iodine was to help “convince” my liver to correct its metabolism/ridiculously errant ways and STOP producing “stones” at a rate close or greater to that I was able to flush them out of it, I’ve had MANY other benefits that I will refer to at some point in the future, if you’ll be interested to hear the stories.

Some of these benefits turned out to be MAJOR and possibly qualify as blessings, although I’ve never EXPECTED them. As I’ve stated before, my ONE and ONLY reason for starting Iodine Supplementation was to help my liver’s metabolism and “persuade” it to stop producing cholesterol stones at a rate equal or faster than I could physically rid it of. That’s all. Everything else that followed was nothing but bonuses.

Big time 

P.S. I think this would be useful information for the Liver Flushing Forum, as well (I know I would have been happy to read some post like this when I started flushing!). I’m not sure, since I’ve been away for CZ for so long, if I’m allowed to copy and paste this message in it, or I would be breaking some rules I’m not aware of. Perhaps I can just post this URL. Please advise. Thank you kindly.

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