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Progress, but still many questions/issues- would appreciate some help:)
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Published: 9 years ago

Progress, but still many questions/issues- would appreciate some help:)

Hi everyone,

I'm posting, although it seems like everyone is a little busy, as I've not had luck having my last inquiries answered! I understand, we have some newbies who need more guidance and help:) I do appreciate any input tho!

I'm on Day 2 of the kidney cleanse- been bowel cleansing for about a month and a half, very consistently. My diet has been mostly raw vegan, with the sometimes cooked grain (millet, quinoa, roasted rice) sprouts (alfalfa, mung) fruits like apples, berries, some citrus, and various others, some cooked beans, and occasional slip ups with chocolate. I have to say, my 'slip ups' have been less and less frequent (thank god!) and seem to gravitate lately to chocolate. Which, btw, affects me really bad. Like my adrenals go nuts! And I feel all hypoglycemic after. And it keeps me wired and awake for hours on end, especially if I have any at night.

This week, I went through what I think was a parasite flare up. I wrote about it a few days ago- I have had a rash the last few weeks on my hips that wouldn't go away and was flaring badly at night and keeping me awake. After a couple of days of ACV bombs, more garlic intake during the day and a few enemas, the rashes pretty much went away! YAY! I WAS SO HAPPY:) I have not had coffee in like 5 days-this was really my last crazy, unable to stop addiction thing- I was only having like 1/2 a cup a day anyway- and honestly? It was just because I COULD NOT get myself together in the morning. Like I have been so 'out of it' and not 'in my body'- if I didn't have the coffee- I literally could not do anything or move! It's been that hard. BUT- last week, I orgered a bag of CHAGA at my local HFS- and I have completely kicked coffee!!! Woohooo! This is HUGE for me!

I've been making 1tsp/quart boiled in water every morning, and I drink this throughout the day. I have NO coffee cravings, and no issue even thinking about it! Chaga is supposed to be good for fatigue and the immune system too- it's a mushroom that grows on birch trees and is prized for it's medicinal properties. In fact, if I can find it (or get a man to go into the woods and find it for me!) I could have enough medicine to last me a year. That's my plan, if I can swing it!

I noticed the last week, since kicking coffee and drinking the chaga...I was EXHAUSTED. Don't know if it was die-off of yeast/parasites, or my adrenals, but as I posted earlier as well, I was just in bed pretty much all week- only went to the store once, and laid down for 2- 2 1/2 hours at a time almost every day. What I feel is like I can't 'make' myself move. I can barely make myself food, and I have only juiced once this week. When I juice, I cannot do more than a quart or 1 1/2 quarts- because I do get more fatigued after drinking it. If it's detox, ok, but that's how I feel.

My gut is still reaaaalllly an issue. I definitely have less 'material' in there, thanks to the colon cleansing and all the enemas I have done the last few months- but I am trying to let those lay for a while. I truly believe that the CE's- although sometimes I feel better after them- have been causing me adrenal distress:( I would look forward to them to 'clear me out' or 'pep me up'- but my gut was never getting used to working full time on it's own. I still have yet to have 'really good bm's'. What I do have is a lot of loose bm's, lately like 5-6-7-8 a day- but I am always crampy, always bloated, and never feel like I really have evacuated everything. I am doing cayenne, maybe almost a tsp a day, and I don't know if that along with the 2-3 IF1's I take every day is too much for my gut.

I just don't know. You have to understand that I have gotten so used to having intestinal distress, to having severe pain, and to being almost immobile for years. Therefore it is very distressing, and yet almost 'normal' to always be feeling EVERYTHING. Mentally though, I am having a very hard time. I do not know which course of action to take. It seems like even with my diet, if I do 'everything right' I still have massive issues. My sleep have been varied, I don't usually really get in bed before 3am, and try to get up before noon, but this varies. If I do wake up early (like between 6-8 am) I often have bloating, cramping and a general sick feeling that I have to work through, and usually end up back in bed.

I'm also SEVERELY COLD, all the time. If I had to say which symptom was absolutely the most difficult? It would be this one, because it immobilizes me the most. Perhaps my thyroid is really out of whack. I eat a lof of cruciferous (cabbage, kale) and I heard that those can depress thyroid function? I have been adding some kelp to my meals the last couple of days to see if that may help.

I am going to be completely honest- tonight, even though I'm on the kidney cleanse- I was unable to go out and get greens, which I felt I NEEDED so badly. I ended up eating apples during the day, and for supper- some pea, corn, chickpea soup and carrots. Once I ate that, I was immediately severely bloated, my blood Sugar went crazy and I felt terrible. I tried to sleep a few hours later, only to wake up and have massive Sugar cravings! I ended up having some chocolate chips, raisins and almonds. I am saying all of this- not to incriminate myself (lol) but to tell you that this is how I react. I know that we don't advocate enzymes on this program, but if everything, including raw veggies causes me so much gastric issues- and beans which I seem to have to eliminate anyway- what else can I do? I have tried the avc/cayenne, and it does help, but does not eliminate the issue completely.

I guess I just do not know what else to do for my gut. I know juice fasting is optimal, but considering my budget/energy/detox reactions, I need to find some middle ground here. I would like to place an order this week with Uny, so any advice on what I should purchase, or what protocol to conitnue would be very appreciated!:) I have been also doing 3-5 cups of slippery elm/licorice root a day for months, and also about 1/4- 1/2 cup water kefir a few times a week. If I do more than that I get more cramping, and on a few occasions had severe cramps and loose stools most of the day! Yea, it cleaned me out, but it was very painful:(

p.s...I would not have been able to write this post had I not had the chocolate tonight. Yea, I feel hyper, inflamed and awful, but my energy has been so bad, that otherwise it would not have happened. So in a way, I am greatful to at least get this opportunity to post for some advice:)

(edit: I also have to add that the body pain I have been having (fibro) and general cramping have been bad too. Just now, after sitting at the comp for an hour or so- and this has happened a lot in the last few weeks- my shoulder and collar bone area cramp up so bad I almost feel like I've dislocated something. Also if I sit in any position for too long, including with my legs up, or crossed, or even just laying on my side, the pain becomes unbearable in my hips/legs/back after 10-20 minutes. I have not been active lately, only generally going up/down stairs during the day and some indoor biking a few times- and have been out of herbal calcium, bfc and superfood for the last week and a half-2 weeks. I am thinking I may need to do a 'blitz' of all of these- to replace calcium and minerals? And also lots of greens/green juices? Just my hunch;)

Thanks so much,


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