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Persistant Rashes on Hips- Parasites? Suggestions?!
t_montreal Views: 6,645
Published: 9 years ago

Persistant Rashes on Hips- Parasites? Suggestions?!

Hi All,

Okay, I've had these rashes on my hips for some time, maybe two weeks? I also have this 'sore' like a spot under the left side of my lower lip- like a patch of skin that one would get as a reaction to really acid fruit- like a cancer sore, but that burns and itches and flakes periodially.

At first, I thought that eating too much fruit- or even acid fruit, may be the culprit. So I gave up fruit for a couple of days, and then only had some 'neutral' fruit- like blueberries. It didn't help. I did a Liver Flush two days ago, and the sore under my lip got better. It's not completely healed, but is much less itchy. The 'sores' on my hips, which wax and wane between little spots, to a full blown rash- get worse when I take a shower, and really flare at night. In fact they are keeping me up as we speak, and have done so for the last two weeks:(

I have been doing a lot of garlic, as always. The last 3 days started doing the ACV bombs again. I worked up to three today. Still on the bowel cleansing, this is my second month. Doing mostly raw, but some cooked grains. Had a fallout this weekend with some chocolate and a peice of cake (I made it, it was my grandpas' bday- it was carrot, very low sugar) but I reacted really bad to the chocolate. I can't deviate, I get it.

I have been doing CE's almost every day. I sometimes do garlic enemas, sometimes plain enemas. I'm trying to give my system a rest because they are becoming very hard on me. The adrenals are still out of whack- in general I am extremely exhausted. I have not been able to post much because of this- I'm barely getting through the days, with just enough energy to make food- and have not made juice in a few days. Before that I was doing at least a quart a day.

What can I do for this rash? It burns so bad! The only thing that helps is putting Bentonite on it. I cant do castor oil packs or have anything on them, because it hurts too much. I feel like candida/ parasites were getting better for a bit, although I still have vaginal pain/itching/burning, at some point stilll almost daily. Also, in general my skin is just really dry, and hurts. I have been taking hot showers too- its the only thing that gives me a bit of relief from my other symptoms, but I imagine it's not helping these issues.

Does this sound like parasites? I pray it's not bedbugs because there is an epidemic in Montreal for the last few months. I also think stress is making this worse:( I am desperate to leave my folk's home- I am going through so many emotions daily- especially anger, knowing that I HAVE to leave, it's absolutely not an option anymore for me to plug ahead and keep trying to heal where I am. I just have no idea how I will make this work.

Any advice is so appreciated:)

Thanks so much,


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