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BPA declared toxic in Canada
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Published: 10 years ago

BPA declared toxic in Canada



BPA declared toxic in Canada
Last Updated: Wednesday, October 13, 201

Bisphenol A, or BPA, a chemical used to make some hard plastic containers, bottles and toys, has officially been declared a toxic substance in Canada.

The federal government added BPA to Canada's toxic substances list on Wednesday.

"We are continuing our leadership on this issue and Canadians can rest assured that we are working hard to monitor and manage bisphenol A," Environment Minister Jim Prentice said in a statement.

BPA, also found in resins that coat the interior of food cans to prevent corrosion, has been shown to mimic the hormone estrogen and does not occur naturally in the environment.

In August, Statistics Canada reported that measurable levels of BPA were found in the urine of 91 per cent of Canadians aged six to 79.

"Health Canada considers that sufficient evidence relating to human health has been presented to justify the conclusion that bisphenol A is harmful to human life and should be added to Schedule 1 of [the Canadian Environmental Protection Act]," the federal government reported in the Canada Gazette.

The government said the listing allows it to develop regulations to manage the risks posed by the chemical.

In 2008, Canada proposed declaring BPA toxic because of reproductive and developmental toxicity and environmental effects. The federal government proposed that BPA be banned in baby bottles and limited in infant formula cans.

But BPA was not added to the toxic substances list at that time.

Rick Smith, executive director of the Toronto advocacy group Environmental Defence, applauded Wednesday's announcement.

"It's a great victory for every mom and dad who sent a letter to their MP demanding that the federal government do a better job protecting the health of Canadians," Smith said.

The toxic listing is the foundation for any legal action, said Smith, who predicted BPA will be removed from food and beverage containers in a few years.

-----------------------------------My Word!!

So, BPA has finally been declared toxic in Canada, eh?

TOLD YA SO, Shudda been done long ago!!!

BPA is bad stuff, despite what the plastics industry people have been telling us.

How much harm has BPA done to us?
- It affects the baby ratio - we have fewer male babies due to the estrogen mimic qualities of BPA.
- many cases of cancer have come from BPA exposure

Plus these: cardiovascular disease, intestinal problems, brain cell connection interference, increased risks of reproductive and immune system diseases and disorders, problems with liver function testing, interruptions in chemotherapy treatment, premature puberty, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and erectile dysfunction and male sexua| problems.

BPA shows up in the urine of 93 percent of Americans, and in 90 percent of all newborns. Its time for the USA to follow Canada's lead for a change!!


Message for the plastics industry people:
You are liars, go to hell the lot of you, you evil toadies, you corporate humps, you thickheaded but wealthy sellouts. You kept your jobs by following the corporate line, which was a lie. You harmed your own children with your actions and lies.

It is happening in other industries right now too, I suggest you all take a closer look at the lies of your industry and to save your own souls by blowing the whistle.


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