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Some thoughts and observations regarding Epsom Salts
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Published: 17 years ago
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Some thoughts and observations regarding Epsom Salts

This weekend, I completed my 5th flush. It has been a month since my last flush, I delayed due to a scheduled doctor's appointment and blood test. I have to say, that I am very pleased with this flush. I dispelled at least 150 1/8-1/4" stones and a good bit of chaff. All this despite fairly bungling the flush.

My observations...

I missed my 6pm dose of ES and decided to take 4 tsp of ES for my 8pm dose. The result? No diarrhea. Zip, zilch, nada! Did it relax my ducts? Likely, possibly, maybe. Did I notice anything else? Most definitely! Even better vision than I had been recently experiencing. Some definite improvements in skin blemishes, and an overall better mood that has progressed over the past couple of days, for no apparent reason.

My thoughts...

I believe that one of the reasons that Liver Flushing has such a profound effect on some of us is because of the magnesium. Many have probably read the article/essay I have posted regarding the health benefits of magnesium, if not, I will attach it to the bottom of this link. Magnesium is a very critical and often deficient mineral that affects hundreds of processes in the body, and many people, particularly in the US are lacking in it. It is known to affect emotional issues such as depression, and physical issues like high blood pressure. It can produce both positive and negative effects based on the individuals current mineral balances. Some people may notice some dry skin, extra thirst, or nausea after the flushes. Some of these symptoms could be due to the ES. As can the positive, almost euphoric feelings, extra energy, or increased visual acuity.

From my experiences during this flush and in several previous flushes, I believe that the 6 pm flush for many of us serves the purpose of helping to temporarily alleviate our Mg deficiency so that the 2nd ES dose can cause diarrhea. I'm sure that many of you have taken the ES dose(s) only to find that you still did not produce diarrhea, well, Mg deficiency may be the reason. I also believe that many of the immediate emotional fluctuations, and symptom improvements we experience are a result of getting the magnesium boost from the ES, which contains approximately 1 gram elemental magnesium per 1/2 tbsp(compare that with 150mg you are likely to get from 1000mg of tablet/capsule supplements like Mg Citrate). I also believe that one of the reasons these improvements don't last long is because eventually, our Mg levels return to their deficient states(since we are doing nothing extra to counter this imbalance), which obviously is alleviated during our next flush.

Now before anyone starts to think that I am belittling or discounting the Liver Flush as the healing aid that it is, let me stop you right there. I am most definitely a die-hard flushing fan, and have no intention of stopping before I get my 3 clean flushes. However, I am also a person who wants to know the whole story. I believe clues to my long-term health are everywhere, I just have to pay attention.

I do not doubt that the process of flushing and the removal of stones has been the cause of my improved cholesterol levels and some of my digestive improvements. However, when I read of the experiences of others who do not feel positive or energetic for long after their flushes, or when my vision fluctuates from better to not so great, I want to know why. Don't you? I don't have the answers, but I have seen a clue and I really wanted to share it for anyone else out there who is looking to resolve their health issues, not just temporarily soothe them. I'm willing to flush as long as it takes, but if the clues are telling me, that I can cover a lot of my physical issues by alleviating one mineral deficiency, I am definitely going to give it a shot.

Please take a little time to read the attached article, and see if anything there can be of a benefit to you.

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