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Re: DQ has done an excellent job...
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: DQ has done an excellent job...

 H needs to realize that he does not have the one and only path to perfect health.

I never claimed I did.  Why do you think I allow others to post their ideas on my forum, and unlike DQ I do not hide posts with ideas I disagree with?  The only posts I have hidden were purely disruptive.  If someone posts something I disagree with I will try to discuss it or ignore it unless the person decides to get nasty and start with the insults and attacks like DQ did.  So people should really stop with the assumptions about me.

I have seen Shultze’s KB formula stop a bleeding infection in 24 hr (per MD urine test), yet H criticizes that some of the ingredients are counterproductive. Hey, it gave relief and most importantly, it worked!

That does not mean that the ingredients are still not CONFLICTING with each other, which is what I brought up. Uva ursi needs an alkaline environment to work, yet the juniper berry makes it acidic.  It is like taking uppers and downers at the same time to see which one will have more effect.  The juniper berry can still kill the infection from the oils, which are not locked up by the uva ursi as so many herbs are, but why add the uva ursi at all if you are only going to negate its effects?  It is the same concept as secretagogues for HGH based with arginine or citrulline, which forms arginine.  But arginine triggers herpes outbreaks in those prone, and the manufacturers know that.  So they add lysine to antagonize the arginine so it will not cause a herpes outbreak, but it also antagonizes the arginine from causing an HGH release.  So they count on the name recognition of the ingredients to sell the product hoping that the public will not read about the negative interactions between the ingredients that will reduce or negate any beneficial effects of the product.  I have no problem with juniper berry or uva ursi being used separately for UTIs.  I have recommended both separately many times for UTIs, just not together since the juniper berry prevents the uva ursi from having any effect.  This is simple herbal chemistry.  

Do you think I should just say yes, it is a wonderful product to any product that comes along even though I know better?  I hope not.  And I have not .  In fact I have reviewed and approved of various products presented to me that I do not make.  If I see an issue of safety or interaction within a product I am gong to say so.  Therefore stop making unfounded assumptions about me.

If I may so bold to say this, H needs to tend to his own forum and his online store instead of telling others on CZ what to do. 

These are PUBLIC forums where people in general should be free to post advice, not just the privileged few who seem to need permission from the few self appointed dictators on CZ to post.

Let these adults decide for themselves what direction they are comfortable with. Why expend so much energy in areas that do not want your input? Do not force yourself where not welcomed.

I do not want your biased input here. So why are you forcing your opinions on me and others here that do not want to hear it?  Could it be because there are others who love to see your opinion since you are bashing me.  Well I am in the same boat.  There are people on the various forums that do want to hear my advice, and have even sent me countless PMs thanking me for my help and asking for more.  So unless you are the only one on CZ reading the posts your opinion of where or what I post is irrelevant.

Why do I say these things? As a kid I saw the expressions of peoples faces turn to dismay when they heard my opinionated father (a business owner) tell his customers they did not purchase a car or TV that met his approval.

So you are ASSUMING that I am like your father?  Not even close.  Again I am not like DQ where I respond with attacks then hide messages when something I disagree with is posted.  Go back and look though my forum.  See how many posts contain information I disagree with but I responded in a civil manner or ignored them.  I NEVER attacked anyone on CZ without first being personally attacked and I never hid one on topic message even when I did disagree with it.  The fact that you are attacking the victim in this case instead of DQ who is the real culprit just goes to show how much like your father you really are.  Opinionated and only your opinion counts despite the real facts.


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